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HD chopper

a new pinky pecker! yay!!! and he says:

My name is dan, and I belong on pinky peckers.
I would also like to tell my ex girlfriend Vicky I miss her

LMMFAO!!! that sounds like a 12-step program confession hahaha!!!
except for the whining about missing his EX-girlfriend. And when you
see this picture, you'll see WHY she is his EX girlfriend hehe!

dan, dan, dan. you'll be very lucky to get another girlfriend with this
sorry-ass excuse for a penis. I hope you're loaded with cash, a big nice
home, fancy cars and shit, cuz without them you're destined to lead a
very lonely love life!!! This little nub would not be able to satisfy even
a little tight pussy like mine, I'm afraid. And if you DO get another girl?
Believe me, she's not gonna stick around for the sex, so you better have
a plan B. Cash, jewelry, cars, better be prepared to shower her with gifts,
cuz once she sees this nub she'll be running for the hills LMAO!!!

microdicklette (aka pencildicklette)

paid $20 to go back to #1 finally!!

and with a new disgusting picture! I showed this to my friend
Ashley, she texted everyone on HER phone, and we just had a
huge laugh!! I mean tiny! I mean we marveled at how
a girl would even FEEL that little thing if he were to try to fuck
her, it would be pointless! Not to mention a complete waste of
time trying to get it "hard" LOL!! I think that this little penis
(if you can even call it a penis) should be be locked in chastity
and not mentioned at all LOL! Hope you got a laugh like we did!

WOW, what a pitiful excuse for a pecker...not quite 4", ugly, wtf
it looks like there's been a rubber band wrapped around it? Or maybe
that's an extension LMAO!!! he shouldn't need more than that thumb
and finger to jerk off, and yes, I think it's supposed to be "hard" in this
picture, so what you see is what you get. I doubt any woman would even
feel that thing in her pussy, or even in her ass for that matter...pitiful.

Here is another picture of my lil friend microdicklette...
titled "pinched clitty"

LOL!!! thanks for the new picture, it's so fucking small it looks like
there is basically only a little "head" there, no pecker to speak of! I
had the pleasure of humiliating micro yesterday on the phone, such
a joy ;) But seriously, this pecker should be kept under wraps LOL!!!

yet another new pic of this disgusting little clitty dick-wannabe!!!
WOW, and that's HARD hehehe...pretty pathetic, as always...

lil goober

Also, new pic added ~ paid AGAIN 11/1 to be at the top!
new pic and paid again to be #1 11/27 :-)
paid again 2/27/12 - good boy goober!! goober paid again 4/12/12
And again on 5/11/12 - cha ching. AGAIN on 7/27
AND AGAIN ON 10/2 woot! And again on 12/6...
goober one again paid on 2/16/2013
AND again on 6/12...what took you so long, goober??!

And goober paid once again on 10/18- congrats on being back to #1!!

AND once again on Feb 1, 2014 - welcome back goober!!!

AND again on 5/29, yay goober!!

All for the love of big black his mouth, in his cunt...
what a guy. I personally don't know anyone else that loves big
black cock this much, goober - you take the prize for not only having
a pinky pecker, but knowing your place among the pussies, congrats!

YES goober, you ARE a slut, a slut for black cock...look how big and hard
that cock is, compared to your little bitty piece of penis-wannabe. yours
looks absolutely pathetic comared to His. I hope He shoved it clear up your
little puckered ass hole for even trying to compare to His LOL!!!!

goober, goober, just might as well be a cum dump for BBC,
no woman would fuck you with that little clit of a penis there. You're
much better off with a bbc in your mouth and up your ass, at least
you're good for something, my boy. Your desire for satisfaction is
something else, and only the biggest black cocks seem to do it for
you LOL!! So goober...keep ur little pecker hidden and enjoy that BBC!!!


Here's goobers newest pic....he really DOES love BBC...!!!!

he writes:

Please don't tell my girlfriend.

Those escorts who fucked my ass and mouth with strap-ons were right ---
i want to have, should have had, and almost have a PUSSY; and i luv black cock.

Well guess what ARE a pussy and a little dicky pinky pecker
at that. Why you sending me so many pics of women that love black cock?
Are these supposed to be your alter egos?? you deserve to be filled to the
brim with black dick and have your little pecker taped up while you do it.
OH, and don't forget to scream like a little sissy while they rape you LOL.

sissy sally

This lil sissy has paid $19.99 to go back to #1 :-)
AND PAID AGAIN ON 4/27/12 :-))
UPDATED 7/6/12
UPDATED 12/12/12
UPDATED 5/5/13
UPDATED 9/8/2013
UPDATED 5/8/2014

Here are a few of sally's newest pics for your laughing enjoyment:

These are the latest from sissy sally....she was actually fucked in
the mouth with that strap on in the middle picture LOL!!! How good
it must feel to get the fucking you deserve hahaha...

Here are a couple more...this pinky pecker cannot get enough
exposure, but damn haven't been #1 since SEPTEMBER!
that's gotta be a record. you really put the SIS in SISSY lmao!

the more exposure the better, be sure to tell ALL your friends,
girlfriends, enemies, family, strangers, anyone!! leave the web
address on napkins in bars, restaurants, where-
ever you may roam :))) way to go sally, back to #1 where you belong!

WOW sally...I cannot BELIEVE you got that whole thing up inside
your fuck hole!! Amazing, kudos to you girl! Not sure I could even
handle that one haha. good job ;)

And some older pics from this pretty little sissy!

I think the balls are bigger than the dicky, what do you think?! I really
do enjoy sally's pictures, she gets SO creative - I'm going to leave all
her other pictures up for your enjoyment as well, such a fun girl ;)


Sally is a special kind of pinky sweet!! as mentioned above,
sally's birthday is coming up, and she wanted the world to see a couple
more of her little dicky pictures. I laughed my ass off to see a little tiny
nub locked up in chastity...and why? nobody would try to get at it if you
know what I mean!? sally loves to suck, and her breasts are coming along
pretty good...but omg that little nub of a clitty...pretty fucking disgusting!

WOW sally sent me more pix to day and a nice $19.99 to put herself
back to #1 - she also wanted me to mention that she simply ADORES
sucking Mistress' strap on and getting that big strap on shoved deep
in her ass! Now that's my kind of girl LMAO - enjoy the new pix haha


this is his "pinky la-la" LOL!!!!

LMFAO! this pinky la-la is so ugly, so gross looking!! he gets laughed
at all the time by girls, and loves the humiliation - he also took my
small penis humiliation quiz, and yup, he sure does qualify! he likes
to show off his little la-la at the pool & beach in a speedo, can you
imagine?! it probably just looks like a puffy pussy!! he currently does
not have a girlfriend (SHOCKER) - his hairless little la-la is most likely
the biggest reason, I'm sure there are others as well lol! Here's to hoping
he'll just leave his la-la in his pants and quit scaring the girls in his
town, huh ladies?! Can't wait to show all my friends this pinky pecker!


little pindickrob has paid me $19.99 to go to #1

"Pindickrob (littlerob) here paying to be back in the No. 1 spot on pinkypeckers.
Its humiliating having the smallest twig of a dick ever seen, let alone having it shown on
your site. I find myself craving black cock, jerking off to white girls being fucked by black
cock and wanting to serve black men and service black cock. I fuck blowup dolls
while real men with real cocks get to fuck real, live women. 15 years without
my pathetic, limp dick being allowed to touch real pussy makes me realize what
a pathetic loser I really am."

WELL rob, that email says it all, doesn't it?? Good thing you have some
toys around - 1) you can practice sucking cock because of course that
will be your destiny - better learn now. 2) you can use that dildo to fuck
your own ass, since you can't get a woman you might want to go the
faggot route 3) your blow-up doll is probably the closest thing you'll
EVER get to pussy. Hopefully you'll find a man nice enough to take you
in, you can do fluffer and clean up work, at least it's something!!!

"My name is pindickrob and I have been called the "plastic pussy fucker"
because I am only able to fuck blowup dolls. No girl will have sex with me
because my dick is too small, so was made to accept and humiliate myself
by only having sex with blowup dolls. You know you have a small dick when
the only pussy you are able to fuck is a plastic pussy that you had to buy online"

WELL NOW. ROB...LMAO at your silly picture, my friends LOVE it. I can
see that your "girlfriend" really wants some of that little puddy prick...
wow, what a way to spend the evening. I'll bet if she could talk, she would
say "GET THE FUCK OFF ME you pitiful excuse for a man"!!! Do you put that
little bitty button in her mouth, too?? OMG blow-up dolls everywhere - take
pity on her...I'll bet even she is sick of being your pretend whore!!

yeah, don't think she's too happy about this LMAO!!! She looks like
she's about to scream, and who could blame her?! But...I guess...
you're not gonna get a real girl, so ppfffttt...fuck her till she pops!

oooooooh so pretty...I'll bet that a big black buck would love to use
you for his fuck could tuck that little pin prick between your
legs and open wide, with that pretty little mouth he'd have a blast LOL!
There's no hope now that you've outed yourself here at pinkypeckers,
if anyone recognizes you they will get a good laugh, anyway!!!

snoopyseviltwin in a toilet paper tube, really? This guy, paul, says that
he actually lies about the length of his pecker, likes to say he's got
a full 5" when he's measured it and it's 4. WOW, 5"?? unless a girl is
actually gonna see it (which I doubt), I'd go with at least 7 if I was
gonna lie about it, wouldn't you?? LOL!! Here's a pic of it out:

While it's not the tiniest dicky I've seen, it's nothing to write home
about, that's for sure, and I would not have a boyfriend with a pinky
pecker that size, unless he just wanted to hang around and keep the
wallet open if you know what I mean LOL!!! Anyway, hope ya got a laugh.


hmmm...small guy j. um YEAH it's small, stubby, short, pathetic,
shrimpy and all the usual. he is 36 years old, and only has been
with one girl (go figure). he says it lasted only 2 minutes - and I'm
sure it was just a little sputter of yuck when he came. It's probably
for the best if he doesn't terrorize women with it. I mean, I'm sure
the poor girl couldn't even feel it, let alone enjoy it. jason...please,
keep this thing in your pants, unless you want to jerk jerk jerk to
some gay porn or my pictures...I'm sure it would just take your
finger and thumb, there would be no grasping it like a real man
would. So keep to porn and do all the girls a favor. Just let the
women play with your wallet, nothing more. Happy jerking, pindick.


LMFAO!!! OMG that is just pathetic! I've shown this to several of
my friends and they cannot stop laughing!! what in the world?!?!
he took the quiz and right away I knew he was a pinky pecker, he
calls his nub "clit" - he only gets a little "spurt" out when he "cums"
and he can't even grab it until it gets "hard" - lol!! Then I imagine
it's more of a rubbing than a jerking to get that spurt out. He does
not have a girlfriend (BIG shocker), but for some reason he does
not wear panties (another shocker, because he needs to). This little
nub belongs tucked into a pair of pink silk panties if you ask me,
and I think he did, by sending me these pictures. Here's more:

now, I am guessing that the picture on the left is a "small" size
condom that his clit barely goes into? eewwww. And, the other
picture?? THANK GOD it can't see me - nightmares!! *shudder*


PAID to go back to the #1 spot :-))
Once again paid to be #1 - cha ching!!!
AND again...12/8/11 - $$$
AND AGAIN 5/9/12

LOOK WHO'S BACK TO #1!!! 12/12/13

ALL NEW PICS of this stubby nub, little dicky pinky pecker!!
And I must say, disgusting as ever! Although, I'm not sure
if these are really his pics...I mean, is the one on the left
supposed to be a HARD ON??? LMFAO!! Anyway, nice to have
him back and up front on display...I showed my boyfriend these
pics and he bout DIED laughing!! Sending out a text once again
to all my girlfriends, specially Sierra who in fact has a BIG BLACK
BOYFRIEND, he'll love these, but truthfully this little dick can't
even compare to a little white man's dick LOL!! Thanks for the :D

The one on the right was the new pic for 5/9/12 - I mean eeewww!!
what a nasty looking little stub! He can't only NOT compare to big black
cock....he's not even in the same COUNTY!!! I hope there are lots of
black guys checking this out and LAUGHING THEIR ASSES OFF!!! what a
loser! I spit vodka all over my keyboard when I opened this pic HAHAHA!!

cantcomparetobbc Is such a little dickie. He paid to go back to number one yet again.
His little pinky dick was being overshadowed by all you other little weenies Giggles!.
I want to see a bidding war going on for number one spot. Who is getting hit to page 2?
LOL I love when you little dicks fight over your Pinky Dick being number 1! CCTBBC sent
in new pics to be posted on He had to pay extra to show the world
how tiny and gross that lil thing is. He also sent a tribute for me to say something
humiliating about him. I think pictures speak louder then words AHAHA. It's already bad
enough that he is a little fucking tiny dick. Who is totally haunted by the Big Black Cock.
He never will measure up to the standard of a real man. HAHA! But.. Look at how sickening
these new pics are LMAO! That pic over the sheet like he is going to fuck. PUKE! A tad bit
longer then a toothpick OMG! I will never look at anyone picking their teeth the same.
How truly pathetic can't compare... I am gonna to text all my friend's to go look
at this toothpick pic. Princess Brittani...EWWWW!


what the holy hell is this thing?? it's about as small as you can get
without being a vagina HAHA!!! OMG - DUDE - you really have to
keep that thing in your pants, it's gross. no girlfriend he says when
he took my pinky pecker quiz...SHOCKER. Any girl would run screaming
if she saw this thing. Maybe he's rich or something? I dunno, but he
better find something else to bring to the relationship cuz it's not this.


just WOW. not even as big as a bic lighter!! what in the world
would one do with that little stub!?? It's not even big enough to
jerk off! so incredibly small, I feel sorry for any woman that this
pinky pecker tries to get with LOL!! If it were me I would not walk,
I'd RUN the other way. It's not even big enough to tuck and hide,
but if I were him, I'd try my best to hide it, it's pathetic...ewwww!!


ewww. This pinky pecker wants me to give my "honest opinion" and is
not interested in an "exaggerated humiliation" of his dicky. So in his email
he says what a hard time he had getting it "hard" enough for a picture LOL LOL!
OK, here goes, brutally honest. WTF. It amazes me that you can even stretch
it to the 4" mark, even "hard" as you call it. And no, a girl would never even feel
that thing, it's hardly bigger around than a gag dildo. You could not even grasp
it with your hand to jerk off (cuz at this point I think getting yourself off may be
your only option). If you were my boyfriend, I would certainly have to have a few
lovers on the side, you would be good for money and credit cards only. So there.
That's my honest, unexaggerated opinion of this little dicky...more pics below:


  1. ewww!!! What a creepy looking pecker!! I like the first picture the best, this little
    weenie needs to be locked up where nobody can see it :-( It's discolored, it's uncut,
    it's totally gross. If I had the key to the chastity device I would throw it in the river
    where it would never be found. I tell ya, the pinky peckers just get more and more
    disgusting to me. I hope everyone gets a good laugh out of this little dicky LOL!!!!


his email:

I am a 19yo sissy fag who has never been with a girl. I knew my dick was small
and inadequate ever since I saw others "packages" much bigger then mine in
my high school locker room. I have had penis envy ever since and ashamed to
show girls just how pathetic I am. I realize i'm not a true man because my true
nature is to be a sissy. I think about bigger cocks all the time and hopefully one
day I will have a mistress who will just have me clean up after she has been with
a real man with a nice big dick, maybe she can even fuck me in the ass
like a whore. That is all I can hope for now.

his pictures:

and here is the ass he needs fucked with a 10" strapon:

what a fucking douche. all I can say about this sissy...his dicklette is
not the smallest I've ever encountered, but his attitude makes it 3 times
as small as it really is. he does need to be made into a fluffer and clean-
up boy, he can fiddle with his winky dinky while he sucks REAL cock and
cleans his Mistress after She has actual SEX with a MAN. Disgusting.

sissy joy


New pics with this update as well:

awwww, so cute!! love the ribbon...and shaved up tight! Very
pretty shoes, this guy is primed to go suck cock at the glory hole,
some big black buck would love this - to be used for pleasure, not
cause of his little dicky LOL!!! It's really quite yucky, more pix below:

his original posting and pictures....

This wanker has one of the ugliest pinky peckers I've ever seen, it's like a bad dream, um I mean nitemare. As far as size, yeah, I've seen smaller, but as far as CREEPY, and just plain nausiating, this one takes the's a putrid pecker...

small penis humiliation page 5


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