with Princess RYLEE @ Niteflirt!

Yes, it's time to make yet another page of pinky peckers, little
dickys, puny peters. Page 2 is getting way too clogged up, so there
will from now on be 20 peckers on page 2, the rest on page 3.


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ladies and MEN, send your comments to:
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OK seriously, who the fuck would go out for golf with this little
dicky sissy?? LMFAO!! This pathetic little nub is just gross, looks
like a little flower bulb to me ahahaha!!!! And I guess the tattoo is
supposed to make you look more MANLY huh little alan?? OMG, keep
dreaming, it will take more than that to make YOU manly, ROFLMAO!!

HOWEVER, even tho it's a teeny tiny penis, you LOVE to touch it, huh??
THAT'S BECAUSE NOBODY ELSE WANTS TO!!!! What girl would want to go
near that little penis?? Not even sure you can CALL it a penis, really, it's
more like a pen-isn't LOL!!! You really only need a thunb and one finger to
jerk off this little thing, and you can probably fit the drizzle into a thimble!



SAYS : Thought you would want at least some average size
dicks on your site....then he sends me THESE pictures - LMMFAO!!!

OMG, what a fucking mess! BIG HARD COCK, the size of a credit card!!
Are you kidding me right now?! And ewwwww, not sure whick picture to
start humiliating first...the hairy pink pud or the crushed up little pecker
in panty hose!! Either way, G-R-O-S-S!!! I gotta tell ya, if this is what pindick
thinks is average size...he's been going to the LADIES GYM too long! Just totally
disgusting, pindick, you really need to call me for some small penis humiliation
soon, I'll tell you just how icky this makes me feel even looking at it :-((( YUCK!!!



tommy boy now wants to be called "thickness" - says that although
his pecker is's nice n thick. Whatev..he did send me this
pretty picture today, thought...I embellished just a little ;) I think I'll
send out this pic to ALL my friends ~ Merry thickness Christmas!

I have not yet spoken to this bitty pecker...and yeah, he can take another
inch off his measurement since he stuck the tape measure halfway into his
stomach...ick. Can't wait to talk to this pinky pecker, he needs some good
humiliation by Princess, someone to put him in his place LOL LOL!!! His
only recourse is to call ME so I can tell him in person just how tiny this
little dicky is, and explain to him that it's just gross, no girl in her right
mind would have anything to do with him - so call me soon grid!!!

ned226 - aka the Pillsbury Dough Girl
AKA slave girl226 now AKA grapedick
(AGAIN paid the $10 fee to get back on page one)
AND PAID $19.99 to get back front and center 11/8/12

Sissy Sherry is back at number 1...Paying 19.99! Good Girl!!! Sissy Sherry just
couldn't wait to show me her new Baby Doll outfit from a department store.
HEHE! Everyone saw her buying it!!! Awww how slutty of you! My Good
Slut Sissy! Here you go! The whole world to see you now!

to see you now!

ALSO KNOWN AS pinkypecker & NOW, sissy sherrie,

Well, well...ned has decided to grace us with a pic of his pinky pecker.
He wanted to send a pic of it hard, but he couldn't get it up - small
wonder, huh?? Now this is REALLY a case of "keep your pants zipped
up, ned" could use your forefinger to rub one out, similar to the
way a woman would rub her clit - wonder if he'd get a little spurt of
disgusting jizz out of it or not - WOW, this takes the cake, huh guys?

Sissy Sherrie is here yet again. You remember the Sissy in the pink nighty haha!
Yeah well this time Sissy has her naked fat ass on cam. Those fat milk jugs
hanging down like utters. YUCK! In Pink and yellow panties. Look at that
little Pinky Dick Clit next to the CC. LMAO So red from yanking and tugging
at it all day with Princess. I must say this is one of the most amusing nasty
sissy girl's to watch on cam. HAHA! Wanna be number 1. Come on Pinky Dicks!
You know what to do. Knock the udders that need a bra down a notch BAH HAHA!

crybaby dustin

O-M-G. This widdle pin pwick - is a REAL BABY!!!!

So here we have the *famous* crybaby dustin...what a freakin freak!!!
little dicky boy, big fuckin baby, even sent me a vid of him pissing
his fucking panties, my eyes are still burning - ICK!!!! he would love
to get comments on this, anyone wanna comment send me an email
at NITEFLIRT and I will pass it on. This is just freakin' hilarious!!

stubby, yucky...and no need for a condom I'm SURE...girls would not
only go running, they would go SCREAMING after seeing this nub!!!
Here is the email sent to me by this limp dick crybaby:

I've attached my pics and info about me:

1) I'm 35 and a virgin

2) I'm 1" in size

3) I like to dress in pink ruffles, Mary Janes, Tights,
pink frilly dresses and Pampers

4) I am a bedwetter and still suck my thumb

5) I wet and messed my pants once in between
classes, so of course everyone knew

6) When I was a Junior in HS, a 7th Grade girl pulled my
hair until I wet myself

7) I'm a sissy, and a sissybaby

8) I have had only 1 gf, she found out how small I was
and that I'm just a big baby

9) I would rather be diapered, sissied and humiliated than
be with a women sexually.

10) I actually do everything that a baby/toddler would
do in their diapers :)

NOW, for the video he sent...beware, this could give you fucking
nightmares...but if you wanna see an adult baby piss his pants...


pin dick rob is pin dick rob's story:

Princess Brittani:

My name is pindickrob and I went from being a small penis loser
to a sissy cocksucker because my 2-inch dick is too small and no
girls would ever have sex with me. I'd love to have sex with a girl,
but no one wants a pathetic loser like me.

um really rob?? no one wants to have sex with you?!! LMAO do u
show up to parties dressed like the pic on the left?! you're asking
for a cock up the ass is what you're asking for might as
well tuck that thing under your sorry little balls and bend over for
a big strapping black buck...what a pitiful little dicklet!!! ICK!!!



Back to # 1 for our friend f0ilman...yikes!! Hairy, shriveled, he says he
wants to be back to #1 so everyone can get a good laugh...OMG...this little
thing just grossed me out - I think I threw up in my mouth - but as you can
see below, it doesn't stop him from touching it - wonder if he's ever dribbled
any jizz from it? With that little teeny ball sac, I kind of doubt it. NASTY....

OMG let me just say this is the teeniest lil weenie I have ever seen!!

This pecker writes: This is my tiny little dick. Ive never been with a girl because
im too scared to show anyone. I hope you can have a good laugh at how pitiful i am
and be happy that a girl as beautiful as you would never have to settle for such a
pathetic excuse for a dick.

OMG! of course you're not going to show anyone!! They'd run like HELL!! Laughing
their asses off at you - the girls would shriek!!! Sorry pinky but there is nothing you
could do with that shriveled up little is quite a hoot. I feel sorry for
any girl that comes in contact with it - and you are right...a girl like ME would never
have anything to do with you once I saw that pitiful little wee wee, sorry - *LOL*


OK we go - first of all *gag* - what a disgusting little stub!!
I like the 2nd pic better, but the fabric needs to be a little thicker so I
don't have to look at this nubby clit...but I do like the gloves, nice touch!
Not sure if you are a "tv" or not, you don't really have much in the breast
department, or down below...but I will tell you that you fit RIGHT in here
on pinky peckers. Good to see a new pecker on here every once in awhile,
and the thought that sooooooo many people will get a good laugh at your
pics makes me *smile* - gimme a call sometime...can't wait for a live chat!

sissy danielle AKA lilboidanny

This email says it all LMAO...what a gross lil pecker - call me dani -
I'm usually available around midnight EST - let's have some fun!!!

Princess Shannon,

Your email on NF informing everyone of the new number 1 on pinky peckers
could not have been better timed. After a period of time where i tried to purge
my humiliation fetish i finally caved in last night. ive been jerking my weenie for 12
hours straight now as i catch up with all the humiliation material i missed. i trimmed
and shaved my winkle and peasack and took pictures but was at a loss what to do
with them when suddenly Your niteflirt email arrived. i knew then it was destined for
me to beg to be one of Your pinky peckers on the hall of shame.

i am a 36 yr old virgin. my pecker rarely erects so i get to tug and stroke my
3inch limpdick. i love being a pinky pecker as amusing Goddesses with my humiliation
makes me want to rub and tug, tug and rub and squirt over and over and over!

Thank You for the opportunity of displaying myself for Your amusement!

lildickdanny seems lilboidanny can't get enough LMAO!!! NEW PIX below:

danielle...OMG you are really a pretty lil boi aren't you!? Smooth sissy
legs, frilly pink clothing, ooooh my! I can see why you are a virgin, no
girl in their right mind would have anything to do with you! Your little
clitty is's odd shaped (probably from you whacking it so
much), it just looks used and abused. Your clit is smaller than your thumb
so I'm not sure exactly how you manage to jerk it so much, and the pink
ribbon? Nice touch LMAO - first place? haha...well danny, rub rub rub, I
hope you get off on being back to number one on pinky peckers, this little
clitty deserves it's spot here...your little sissy pinky clit is perfect for my site!!!


this is dan, my newest pinky pecker - he's yet to call for humiliation,
but I can't wait to talk to him about this lil nugget LOL - and it actually
appears to have a cute lil hard on bbwahahaha....wonder what inspired
that? Cause I am quite certain it's not a woman, cause once they saw
THAT lil thang they would go running!!! Ewwww all hairy and looking like
a little stump - it's disgusting haha...he said is gonna call, we'll see :-))


This is a new guy from Niteflirt that was willing to share his pinky pecker.
I have not spoken to him yet, but I think he needs a good dose of my kind
of humiliation LOL...WTF? Teeny, tiny, little sack of balls...eewwww. He is
100% correct in his email to me, send today along with these disgusting pix:

"I know I'm not 4 you, but I wish. I know I'm not for any woman. I have a tiny dick,
as you can clearly see, and a tiny dick personality. The two seem to go together,
so I guess that's why tiny dick guys are such losers. We are shy, gutless
wimps that women can order around and make us do about anything. I'm just
something to laugh out, so have a good laugh at my expense. I know I deserve it.
Thanks for not charging me too much to post my pathetic photos.

AND you are quite right on TWO points: tiny dick guys ARE losers, and you
SHOULD pay more for making me look at this yucky little dicky-poo :-) There
always the tribute feature on NF, I suggest maybe you use that any time :-))

this was an unusual request...wimp bob has found a girl to marry
him, on the following conditions - he paid $20 to have this pre-nup posted LOL

Dear Goddess SHANNON:

my current Girlfriend, Mistress Lara, has sent me a list of Her Marriage demands and role definations in response to my recent marriage proposal. i thought that i might seek Your opinion as to whether these role definations make sense, given my before mentioned lack on "manhood", and Lara's refusal to have penatrative sex with me up to this time despite my begging Her to become my "Wife".

Husband's Role(my role)

1. i would never be allowed to have penatrative sex with my Wife before or after our marriage.

2. my sex drive would be strictly controled by my Wife, insured by the fact that my "manhood" would be locked in a CB-6000S at all times with Her holding the keys. It is understood that release from this device would be totally at my future Wife's whim, and that the occasions of sexual release for me would become less and less frequent over time resulting in ever increasing sexual frustation for me.

3. i would adopt to traditional role of the happy newlywed husband to the outside world despite the restrictions stated in 1 and 2 above.

4. i would accept the fact that my Wife would continue to have sexual relations with "other men" during our marriage to satisfy Her Sexual needs, given my lack of ability in this area. i would be expected to encourage Her cuckolding of me, with my reward being allowed to perform "clean up duty" on Her after She has sex with a "real man".

5. i would be allowed to view and worship my Wife's naked Body upon request from Her in any manner that She deamed appropriate without any regard to the satisfaction of my own sexual needs. Cunnilingus and analingus worship of Her Body would be considered a "treat" for me and require me to beg to perform these services, much to my Wifes amusement.

6. i would be expected to support my new Wife so that She could live a life of leisure as i worked long hours to make this lifestyle a reality for Her. my reward would be that i would be allowed to perform many of the household duties in my spare time, giving my Wife extra time to pursue "outside" romantic interests.

Wife's roles (Lara's role)

1. Lara would continue to live Her life as if She was still single from a relationship perspective, having sex with whomever She chose to have sex with, excluding of course her husband. She would appear to the outside as a contented and happy newlywed Bride

2. Lara would cuckold her husband from the very start of the marriage, requiring her husband to assist in his own cuckolding by viewing Her having sex with other men and cleaning up the residue of Her lovemaking.

3. Lara would undertake a program of orgasm denial for her new chastised husband, with an intense program of teasing & denial, orgasm edgeplay without sexual release, and less and less sexual release over time. Her husband's sexal release would come from sessions of directed self abuse(masturbation) with Her laughter ringing in his ears, with many occasions where these sessions of directed masturbation would end with sexual release denied and return into the chastity device unsatistfied. She understands this level of sexual manipulation will result in Her husband experiencing extreme sexual frustration(blue balls) and is thrilled at this prospect.

4. Lara expects to live a life of leisure which Her new husband provides, and expects this to give Her more time to receive pleasure from her outside lovers. She expects Her new husband to perform many of the mundane household chores in addition to his long work hours.

Lara wants me to ask You if you would post all of the above on Your website " PINKY PECKERS " along with a picture of me and Her current boyfriend (see attached). I last appeared on that site over two years ago, and Lara thinks it will be very funny for everyone to see how pathetic i am prior to agreeing to marry me. Let me know what i have to do to make this happen.


and THIS is a pic of bob the wimp with the current boyfriend LMAO
so you see....her requests are not in any way out of line ;-)


Now, let me first say that this is not turning into a cock and ball torture
site, not sure why this wanker thought we needed to see his cock all tied
up, but apparently his mistress likes it that way, maybe trying to "stretch"
it out? hahaha...that could be it. He says she teased and beats it, and who
could blame her? Hopefully he will call soon and tell me why she even puts
up with his sorry ass. The pic below shows why she needs to stretch it, it's
PITIFUL, and no woman should even have to TOUCH it...hope she made him
put that rope around it himself, eck. The shaved balls are a real plus *gag*

This is "SM"

HERE is his email to ME:

I really want to see my little dick on the hall of shame as it's really pathetic.

I haven't had sex for a long time and my ex's always craved for big dicks and big dildos.
I just loved to see them being fulfilled by a big hard meaty cock.

So I got used to being humiliated and it really gets me off.
Let me know what you think next to a real guy.

Here is MY response:

WOW. really?? your BALLS are bigger than your DICKY!! such a cute lil
thing...BUT I can see why your women are all "EX'S" lol. it would not even
be worth trying to get it "hard" if it even would, I can tell just from this
pic that it would be useless, much like the women find you *LOL* you will
really have to call me sometime and chat about this lil dinky - can't wait!!!

Jhorner, AKA JulieH

OMG it's strawberry blonde pubs to match that gross tiny little small pinky dicky.
My new pinky pecker tells me I am so sorry I am so small LMAO! Julie H says one time
that little pinky pecker got beaten black and blue..Had bruises that stayed forever and it
was all just for her laughs and amusement! Julie H knows that cuckolding is the destiny
of a little penis. Having Princess make Julie H eat another man's cum out of my pretty pussy.
Would be the ultimate humiliation and most fitting assignment for a pin dick loser. Isn't it
horrible that little pink cock has broken little blood vessel all over the head. From blood
trying to rush to a real man size haha and getting shorted. Giggle O and isn't it just
fucking wrong that it's all bent up ewwww!

"Lonenut and Stubby"

Here is the answer to every woman's question who sees my junk ... Yes, I used to
have a set of big balls to go along with my stubby little pinky pecker. No, my left
nut did not drop off from some disease. Actually, I was a horny teen when I was
partially gelded, castrated. It happened at a coed camp in the woods. A lusty group of
teenage girls were staying in one of the large camp tents. I decided to pay them a
visit after dark one night, sneaking around outside and peering in a square hole torn in
the wall of the old tent like a small window. There were six half-naked, teen-angels
singing and dancing around inside to rock music. So I decided to give them a show ...
and moon them. I dropped my shorts. My big ass barely fit through the hole torn in the
tent. After a few seconds, I got a reaction, screaming and laughing from the girls. So I
pushed in farther trying to wave my ass in circles. Little did I know but my big balls had
slipped inside the tent and dangled low, heavy and sweaty in the lantern light inside. I was
loving it, and the girls were in hysterics! ... What I didn't see was that one of the girls
picked up a bat and tried to smack the hell out of my brassy ass --- she swung hard
and missed, LOW! The fat of that bat landed square on my sweaty balls!!! I fell to the
ground unconscious ... When I woke up I was lying inside their tent on a cot, my shorts
still around my ankles, and all those worried (yet smiling) pound-puppies were around
me tending to my HUGELY swollen ball-sac with ice. My sac looked as big as a cantalope,
but dark purple! My stubby penis had shrunk to a nub! ........ As it turned out, the girls
had to settle for a single rather than a double with that swing of the bat. I was lucky to
save one ball, my right nut. It's living on borrowed time. It was worth it!

Good thing he paid $50 to get this junk up on my site...pathetic!!! I'm not
sure I believe this whole story, but either way, this ugly thing is sure to get
a few laughs?! Not sure just how fast a girl would run once she saw this little
pecker and it's sidekick "lonenut" but I'm sure it would not be fast enough.
Do us all a favor John, and keep ur shorts on eh?? YUCK YUCK YUCK :-)))

missy the sissy

OMG...this teeny tiny pecker is eeewwwww LOL - so small and
WTF is up with the pink - um - what the hell is that?! even *hard*
I KNOW that he could not even get close to a woman - guess that's
why he calls himself MISSY the SISSY LOL...I have not spoken to him
yet but am looking forward to it for SURE *hehehe* - but the bottom
line IS, this pecker should stay BEHIND the pink curtain aahahahah!!


wow what a pinky pecker, and it's *hard* too!! Love these guys
with a measuring tape LOL how funny. I have not spoken to sic
yet, but would love to hear his pathetic story. He sends me THIS
email: "any ideas on how to get my wife to share her true thoughts
(with me or her friends) on my cock"? Well yes I do, send her to
this website and she will realize what a real tool you are, showing
your dick to the whole world and you WILL get some comments
I'm sure...her friends will be sending her sympathy cards HAHAHA


Looks like we have a bidding war ;-)) bbycockboy paid $19.99 to be #1

This is a little dicky boy I have not spoken to yet, his name actually has
an "a" in it between the b's but I'm not going there on THIS website, this
site is for *men* with pinky peckers. Hopefully he'll call me soon so I can
shame him officially, but WOW, it's a fat lil thing isn't it? LOL...come out,
come out wherever you are!! hehe...another pecker best left in panties :-)


This wimp has paid $19.99 to be back to #1 :-)) Cha Ching!

ALL NEW PIC OF OUR FRIEND wimpinwonderland - LMAO...nice.

WOW - talk about a wimp, LOL...this pinky pecker sent in a whole
collage of pics *for my amusement*...well hell yes I'm amused!! The
girly top and teddy bear are an interesting touch, and the chain and
chastity belt are real nice - that is the ONLY place this little pecker
should be - for LIFE. Little penis' like this one should not be let out,
for any reason. Thanks for the laugh wimp, you made my freakin' day!


This pinky pecker finally got the nerve to send his pics - he put on his
nylons as I told him to and tucked his lil dinky - how sweet LOL. He is
good at sending tributes, though, and that I do like. Also this look is a
good look for any of you pinky peckers out there into small penis
humiliation, it does deserve to be tucked away at all times, and a good
pair of panty hose is the perfect compliment to keep it where it should be.

male minion

Yes...another payment to be #1 :-)

I had to actually coax this lil pinky pecker to post his pics after he
paid the $14.99 to get his pic posted...and now I know why he was so
hesitant to send them - LOL. How did I talk him into it? I simply told
him that NOBODY would recognize it, I mean, how many girls have
actually seen it without running away laughing?! In the end he had to
agree. He would have loved to send a pic of this little dick erect, but
apparently that's too much trouble, and he said it's not much bigger
hard. He said girls will not waste their time with it, and who could
blame them?? It IS a good source for ridicule and laughter though!!!

Now that we got him going....he's paid AGAIN for an update! This is
what he has to say in his email to me today:

Its me again ... male minion. I wanted to pay for more humiliation and a
chance for more people to see what a sad excuse of a "man" i am. I enclosed
a pic of me sucking a dildo with my little, pathetic cock exposed for the world to see.

I now know there isn't a single female who would let me have sex with her.
There is no point. I have a tiny, limp dick and i'm not good looking in any
stretch of the imagination. The only use females have for me is to laugh and
ridicule me for being a small-dicked loser. Add to that my thirst for sucking cock
and i guess its fair to say i'm simply a cock-sucking sissy loser who deserves
to be posted across the net for ridicule.

I recently bought a blowup doll, because i'm too much of a loser to get a real girlfriend.
I have sex with my blowup doll and when i do, i just feel the shame and embarrassment
of doing it. But, its the only sex i can get.

If you have any questions or comments, i can be reached at
I am a loser and its time to accept it and let everyone see it. You can even post my
yahoo email/IM address along with my niteflirt ID.

This letter says it all *LMAO*

Princess Shannon:

This is my 4th time paying to get back on page 1. The only thing my pathetic,
limp dick has humped over the past 15 years is my hand and my blowup doll.
The only pleasure i get is being humiliated, so please Princess Shannon, humilate
me yet again. Only a loser with a limp pindick who never gets sex would pay this
many times. Payment 4 of many more.

Thank you, male minion


Queer Bait Missy is working so hard to be Mistress Shannon's number 1 Sissy.
Look at the little clitty clit! She dressed up, did pretty songs, and played so naughty!
Very impressed with Missy Slut :) But OH that pinky pecker...looks like it's been
played with a little too much LOL...anyway, welcome to pinky peckers sissy!!


What can Princess say about Pinky Pecker John LOL He is married, in his 30's,
cheats on his wife. Has a 5 inch cock LOL Go figure? Cheats on his wife? With that
lil pantie dicklet eck! John stay away from women with that thing! GROSS! He has been
paying Princess to make him custom recordings. Also gave Princess Salon money.

Take a lesson Pinky Dick's!


This is "bigdogbryn"...just WOW...that pecker is like the belly button
"inny" LMAO!! Cute panties though I must say. Somehow I lost bigdog,
he paid $10 to get back on page one and I couldn't find him even on
page 2 - must have been VERY memorable huh?? LOL ! So the "bigdog"
thing must be like an inside joke, I don't get it, cause this little pee pee
is so tiny...I'm wondering, does it pop out when he sees a pretty girl or
looks at my pictures?! Hey....if it did ya could "wack a wee wee" like that
arcade "wack a mole" game - LMAO...stay in the hole! stay in the hole!!

tiny pee pee

OMG I about died laughing when I saw these pics...a whole 3 inches
hard! And look...some splooge on the tip, what an explosion! PLEASE
tiny, do us all a favor and keep that thing outta site, burn the tape
measure now that we know how tiny it is...and for God's sake stay
away from women with that thing - I am wondering how you got it
*hard* - a little spit between the thumb and forefinger I guess LOL!


ppvguy has paid $10 to get back on page one...cha-ching!

and yet ANOTHER $10 to be on top!!

OOPS! back on page 2 :-((

WTF? This has got to be one of THE ugliest pinky peckers evah!!! The
shriveled up head...eeewww it's just nasty. He tells me in an email that
he has no "words of wisdom" to go with the pictures...YA THINK?! What
would you say? Guys and girls that are checking out the pics, would you
touch this thing with a fucking 10 foot pole? Cause I know I wouldn't...LOL


luke says:

Little dick LOL -i wish I could satisfy you goddess and fill you up.
i wonder if you'd even feel me inside you. i wish i could clean you all up
after you've been filled up...

Princess says:

I know you wish you could, but never will. Everyone look at the newest
PinkyPecker dicky! LMAo His poor wife having to be married to that! ECK! He
loves to amuse me on cam and eat his cummie!


willy paid me $20 to get back up top

Back to page 2 for you willy LMAO

What can I say about little willy willy? For one thing, it's so
thin I don't think anyone would even feel this thing - even
*hard* (and I use that term loosely) it's pretty pathetic. It's
uncut, and that in itself grosses me out, and jeezus, get a
lawnmower in there willy...I don't like the area waxed but
get control of that hair - ewwww. Nasty, nasty, nasty...:-(


This lil dick egg beater haha Emailed me for about a week, before calling me live.
Good Lil dickie poo! Now the awesome part is this loser, plays like a story told
wrong. Amusing yet humiliating and well you know how much I love this! One failed
relationship after another for lil Blue dick :( His lil pee pee just couldn't satisfy
even the virgin befor marriage woman! LOL He met her on a fuckin dating site
to boot. Virgin adult women on dating sites. I bet she lied to avoid that tiny dick.
She just got married to a REAL MAN!!!!!!!!!! O to think of that big cock in that pussy
hole...drool! LittleBlue loves to watch porno and I found another common link. Black
Cock Porno and you know what? He has been thinking about sucking one! So enough
for now. I am off to make a custom MP3 recording for LittleBlue to wank the fuck out
of that lil egg white cockie!! HEHE! HAHAH MMMMMMM eat the whites for me Blue!


Whoohoo! $30 to get back to #1

BUT all good things come to an end...LOL

This little prick called Princess begging to have his picture posted in Pinky Peckers,
he had to be at number one right away!! LMAO His wife Teri has only fucked him 4
times in the last two years. He wanted his face posted on PP LMAO! See this idiot!
I hope your wife finds out your a stupid redheaded slut face!


OOPSIE! Back on page 2 for you loser!!!
oops! And now all the way to page 3 tsk tsk....

This little dick loves his Princess Shannon..He wanted to get the number
one spot on Pinky Peckers! He paid up right away and asked for it!
I laughed so hard, because he submitted his knubber a while ago...It's so
small Nahhhh Haaaaa LMAO Princess couldn't find it. Now it's at number
ONE on the list of Pinky Pecker Shame! I dare you to try and steal Nubby's
spot light! DO IT WEENIE DICKS! To bad my precious Nub Rub never get's
any pussy. It's been years Bah HAHAHAH ~ what a pinky pecker loser!!

OK, so this fucking loser sent more pics to display, pathetic!!
BUT, he did send more cash, so he's back up top!


Bobby is my totally insane cock sucking foot whore LMAO Begged to get
onto Pinky Peckers and be number ONE. He is currently my work slut and
has hard debts to pay. He is a very little dick cum sucker. See the picture above
like OMG WTF is that??? lol Makes Princess want to turn to lip gloss instead.
I know you're reading this Bobby and I know where you live. I expect the rest of
the picture series posted before Tuesday. Don't make Princess Mad ....Don't
you dare! I know everything!!! HAHAH! Gotcha by the balls!

This is what LipStick Dick had to say. LMAO!!!!!!

"I adore you and want to send you pics to post. You have the most incredible
giggle and using my balls as a keychain makes me lose my mind. i love the
fact you are close enough to acutally take them. i look forward to being at
your feet and on the end of your TV friends cocks while you look me
straightin the eye make me acknowedge my place at your feet, spit in my
mouth and .... i could go on forever, i already can not exist with out you.
i need to tell you of the local foot parties so that you can have a larger
stable of losers to fatten your wallet. i adore you, bobby"


OK, here is a guy that's a lurker, looking looking but finally got
the nerve to post his pic - and he says "Words of wisdom? I don't think mine
is too small actually, is it?" Well, yeah, it's a pinky pecker, now you can
stop wondering. You're definately at the right site. It's ugly, of no use
to women, good for jacking between your thumb and forefinger only.
Look at the pin pricks on this site, and you fit in quite well, LOL.


OK...can I just say - yuck. This pinky pecker is just gross...
hairy, puny and just disgusting! This guy jacks off 3 times a
day to a fake pussy - dreaming of a girl named Alicia - who
more than likely would LAUGH HER ASS OFF if she ever got
together with him. Better stick to masturbating jayjay...and
ya might as well get a weed wacker and get rid of some of
that disgusting hair...after all, it looks more like a lil clit LOL

jayjay paid twice for me to post
this picture of a girl he knows,
he "says" it's his girlfriend, but
I'm really doubting this, not sure
why she would hang around with a little shrimp dick boy like him?



Not sure WHY I used all 3 pics, it's just DISGUSTING, timmy...YUCK.
That being said, timmy tells me his wife left him for a black guy, which
is of course a NO-BRAINER ~ who would stay with this pinky pecker? The
FUNNY thing is, whenever his ex sees him in public, she humiliates him
even FURTHER, by shouting things like "little faggot" and "little fairy"

Laughing my FUCKING ass off ~ good luck timmy ~ get a blowup doll


This pecker just sent me a money payment to get his pathetic
lil dicky up on my site, I have not spoken to him thus far. If this
thing is HARD, I pity the woman that has to fuck him. While it is
not the smallest I have ever seen, he is obviously in need of some
of my humiliation, and I am hoping he calls me next time I'm logged
in. I can make him do some disgusting things, and I think he's really
in need of that, don't you? I'll update after I've spoken to him IF he calls.

"mike's little package"

So this is Mike - big man with a little pecker *LOL* - WOW, I have
not had the opportunity to speak to Mike about this stubby little
dicklet, he has not called me yet. Apparently his wife wants to use
this site, these pics, this posting to blackmail him - not sure what
that's all about but I hope to find out, I LOVE blackmail :-)) BUT I'm
guessing he's not TOO timid about it cause I'm thinking he took
these pics of his little package, so I'm not sure the blackmail angle
will work with him...BUT at any rate, here are the pics, and little
mike, give me a call for some VERBAL humiliation soon - that is,
if it's OK with your wifey LOL - maybe she could join in , huh?!?!


randleb - this pecker has not called me yet so I don't really know
his story - but I DO know this...he is of no use to me or any other
woman on this planet, I mean c'mon - what would you do with this
guy? Maybe he's good at licking pussy or cleaning up a girl after
they've had sex with a REAL men, I dunno. But for now, he's going
in the "useless dick" category, huh gurls? Unless he calls and can
give me some info on him, this is about all he's gonna get for now.

sissy princess tiffany aka sissyloser105

This loser is a 29 year old virgin, he has never, ever had
sex with a woman (he doesn't mention whether he has had
a blow-up doll, is a compulsive wanker or what). He's never
had his pecker sucked, or given a lady oral sex. What is with
this guy?? He doesn't have a large pecker, but I have seen a
lot smaller ones. He is lacking the self confidence he needs
to get himself some pussy. I would suggest that he get to a
glory hole, and pay to stick his dick thru the hole, at least
he will get it sucked once in his sorry life LOL - wow, unreal.

Think about this tiffany...make an effort will ya? Let me know
how it goes, who cares if it's a guy sucking you off? There are
plenty of guys I know that would suck you off, it might be the
only way for you to get started, and certainly better than nothing.

This info just in from sissyloser105

Yes i do masturbate compulsively on average three or four times a day,
though I've long wanted to lock it up and throw away the key instead.

I've not ever had a blow up doll, though i will admit to having thought about
it on more than a few occassions. (plastic pussy, might be the only pussy i can get)


has paid $10 to be back on page one ;-)

stubsy...yeah, that fits to a
"T", don't you think?? This wanker wrote to me cause his Mistress disowned him, she wants to make sure that any hottie that he's interested in will be able to see up front what a loser he is...thanks, babe!! You've done the world a great favor there, lol. He's been wanting to send the pics for awhile now but he's too "scared" - now that didn't hurt a bit, did it stubs??? LOL



Well well...dirty red sent his pics and money in in FEBRUARY, and I
somehow missed them. He wants me to lead him around like a little
puppy on a leash...I think he's in loooooove ;-) Anyway, back to this
pathetic curvy pinky pecker...(he must be looking at pics of ME to get
it this hard *giggle*) Even then I doubt that he could do much with it,
maybe wank it to my pictures with his thumb and forefinger, not sure
he would need his whole fist for this LOL - anyway, I do apologize, I'm
usually so PERFECT, but I did let this pecker slip by here it is!

bob the wimp

OMG bob...LMAO at this pinky is what bob has to say:

"my live-in GIRLFRIEND LAURA saw Your website and thought that having
my male member posted in a public site was a fiting ending to our relationship.
Laura is going to marry a "real man" in three months. Our relationship is not
the typical GIRLFRIEND/boyfriend one. In the three years we have been together i
have NEVER been allowed to put my cock inside of HER, as SHE only has sex
with men who have cocks bigger than 7 inches. SHE says that i have the cock
of a "twelve year old". She has had sex with many other men in our time together,
but has treated me as her own personal chastised sexual puppet who is kept in
a CB-2000. i have endured a steady diet of orgasm control, teasing & denial,
cuckolding, verbal humiliation, and cuckold activities including creampie cleanup.
i have begged her for a chance to become Her slave husband, but She has chosen a
real man and wants to publicly expose me as the pathetic wimp that i am."

Well bob, you did the right thing...a wimp like you really deserves to be
made fun of, and I'm glad that Laura saw that you needed the public humiliation
of having your pics on PINKY PECKERS. Now, for you to be really useful, you would
fluff up her REAL MAN'S cock when she wants to have sex, and clean them both
out afterwards...(Laura, you're welcome for the good idea) - and please, keep
that little stubby pathetic thing chained up ferchrissake - do us all a favor.

alyatis - aka Vincent

vincent has paid the $10 fee to get his pics back on page one
ONCE AGAIN...with a new set of pictures :-p

OOPS vinnie, looks like it's page 2 for you again LOL

Ahhhhhh, another $10 for ME, thanks vinnie

And vnnie has paid $10 to have his listing updated - will
someone please join so I can put him on page two?? He really does
get more disgusting each time he sends in pics - I mean really
vinnie...what the fuck is wrong with you? I'm also putting his email
address here so anyone that wishes can contact him - why they would
want to do that is beyond ME, but:

Yeah, he's the one that send a pic of him with a cucumber stuck up
his ass, and when I teased and humiliated him, he backed out and
wanted me to take all his pics down. Hey, all I was doing was trying
to make a little bank selling his picture to other pinky peckers...sheesh.
This time, he's here to stay, and if you ask me, he got these pics from
an unsuspecting friend, there is no way he's got a pecker even this big.

has paid the $10 fee to move up to page one ;-)
...and again he has paid 6/7/08

OK, this sad fucker loves to keep his little pecker smooth and small -
the smaller it gets, the better he likes it - sick, huh?? I guess pinky
peckers are all the same, though, looking to give us all a good laugh.
Looks like it's shaved up real nice, giving us all a disgusting look at
this little pecker. Let's hope that this is the only place he displays it,
of course unless he's right up next to you, you couldn't see it anyway.


tony says that his girlfriend tells him, when he fucks her doggy
style, that all she can feel is some pressure - I'm surprised she can
even feel that ya wanker. Not only is this pecker small, but it's also
not very big around. With his g/f (who probably enjoys big black
cock on the side), it probably is like putting a little mouse dick into
an elephant other words, small penis humiliation is the
order of the day for this wanker...keep it zipped up tony..please.

little pecker tony would like everyone to know his email addy"

how appropriate LOL


This wanker has one of the smallest pinky peckers ever...
according to him, and his pictures here, he's about one inch
soft, 3 and three quarters *hard*. He tells me that when he does
wank it, he lasts about 20 seconds before squirting a pitiful little
shot of goo. This *guy* really needs to keep his pants zipped.

bumped to page 2 6/7/08

OK, now I have seen some ugly peckers in my time, but
this one really takes the cake. Not only is it a PINKY PECKER,
but it's a gross looking appendage that this loser is stuck
with. He says that he "hopes he can be of some use by giving
us something to laugh at and humiliate". Well you got it. I
really hope that you do us all a favor and keep it zipped up.


Hmmm...I guess my first question would be - why is this
wanker not calling himself "SHANNONS ATM"?? I can always
use a good 24 hour ATM. Posting this pinky pecker is a pleasure,
it's so cute and widdle!! Of course, it's ugly as hell, too, but I guess
you can't have it all. Not even sure how he would jack this thing off,
and I'm hoping that the red thing attached in picture 2 is an explosive
device...this thing needs to be GONE, what good is it?? He better hope
that he's good at licking pussy or something, cause that's gonna be
his lot in life I'm afraid...OR, maybe he'd make a good COCKSUCKER!!


Billy sent this pic in - I do owe him an apology for missing his
$14.99 payment back in December. ANYWAY...Bill, Bill, Bill. With
that little nubbin, I'm surprised that you could even find someone
to take the picture - you must have set it up yourself. You did not
mention a "missus", so I'm assuming that you're one of those self-
service type guys? Get your little thumb and forefinger ready to
rub one out, and call me for some real humiliation, Billy..can't wait.


OK, yeah...this thing is SKINNY alright...the head looks like
it should be heavy enough to topple the whole thing if you
ask me. And to fit in a toilet paper tube? Um...I don't think
even a tight young thing like me would be able to feel that.
Guess skinny better get used to wanking it by himself, any
girl that saw that would be on the floor laughing herself
silly, don't you think? Not the smallest in length, but still...

has paid the $10 fee to move back to page one ;-)

WOW, "rod", I think you should get a different nickname, LOL.
This thing is a real hoot, not sure you could even begin to fuck
a woman with it. I'm glad you put a crayon beside it, it's kind
of hard to see it with all that fucking hair practically hiding it.
Thanks for the laugh, rod, women everywhere will snicker, hehe.


Not to be outdone by Vinny, bpm also loves to shove a nice vegetable up his arse, and loves to think about everyone seeing it and laughing about it. I don't think that will be a problem. This wanker took took almost 3 weeks between the time he paid my fee and sending his pictures, think he's a little nervous about us seeing this little pecker? In addition to putting this disgusting little pecker on my site, I've emailed it to everyone on my personal email list, and we've been laughing all night, LOL.


Hmmm, let me guess - tnydck is short for TINY DICK, lol...this wanker
has written his own feedback in an email to me, and it fits to a "T":
Here are my tiny dick pictures for you. I hope you put me on the pinky
hall of shame. I deserve it. I am a tiny dicked, panty wearing,
cum eating, sissyboy. Thanks!

No tiny, thank you - I couldn't have said it better myself. That lace
thong that you have on (I'm assuming it's a thong) looks like it came
straight outta my panty drawer...hmmm, you been in my panty
drawer wanker??? But back to your pecker, it's pinky, it's a disgusting
little piece of pud, and I think you should call me for some nice
SMALL PENIS HUMILIATION soon...I'll be ready - I still think that you
stole panties outta my lingerie drawer, confess you fucker!!!


Not really sure why I don't have a NAME for this little dick wanker,
he has not called to get my verbal humiliation yet - wonder why???
He said he'd like EVERYONE to enjoy a good laugh at this pinky pecker
like his girlfriend (hhhmmmm) and her friends do. Aparently, they make
him rub one out for them and spurt a pathetic little puddle of jizz for
their amusement. Can't wait to talk to this wanker - got something for him


This wanker sent another pic this morning - about made me GAG
NOBODY should have to look at something like this cum-soaked bag
of pinky pecker first thing in the morning. Supposedly he licked the
panties clean afterwards - what a sick fucker he is, huh everyone??

bgdkoh has sent an addition $10 for me to post more pics ;-)


JETTA HAS PAID $10.00 to join us back on page one!
(then he got bumped to page 2 again, bummer!)

Well, what can I say about this little pecker? I did notice that he
didn't pay the "little dick tax", but hey, he shot me some money
for his picture to be here. But you can't blame him for guessing
that his pics belong here with the other pinky peckers...just a tad
over 3 inches is pretty freakin' tiny, I'm thinking in the picture on
the right, he was using a string or something to pull it downward.
Either way, it's pretty disgusting, wouldn't touch it with a 3 foot pole.


Here is what satrap has to say in his email:

What can I say, I have no excuse. I have a tiny penis which I love to
show to women, hoping that they will take the trouble to mock it.
Nothing turns me on more than the thought of being naked in front of
a bunch of giggling teens. Please post my tiny cock pictures on
your site and let me know how small and pathetic it is.

Well well, I don't think you would be disappointed if you could hear
the 1,000's of women and men laughing at your pathetic pecker...
I've seen smaller, but I don't really recall when. Can't wait to give
you the verbal humiliation you need - better give me a call soon...


Now here is a pinky pecker that's dressed up with (I'm sure) no
place to go. Why he would think we would be impressed with this
uncut pecker is beyond me - I guess if you needed a good laugh
this might do the trick ;-) The middle pic I like best cause it hides
that crappy bunch of skin on the head...maybe next time he will
draw a little face on it and perhaps get a little teeny wig for it, LOL

lil n cute

OK, the first 2 pictures I believe, ok, maybe just the first one -
what the hell is this supposed to be...this is my thought: He did
take a pic of his pinky lil n not-so-cute pecker (image one). Then
he found a pic on the net to make it look a little bigger...THEN,
he found a pic of a cock that he would LIKE to have (or suck, or
whatever) and sent that as his *hard-on* picture. There is not
a chance that that little 2-inch pecker is gonna turn out to be
that long when it's hard. Dream on wanker...stop being a poser


Ahhh, another pinky pecker for all the world to see - keep 'em coming
sissy boys! What the fuck kind of gay shirt is that? Oooops, I'm getting
off track - back to this pitiful excuse for a pecker...I guess I do detect a
slight "bump" in the panties, but Christ if he was wearing tight jeans I
wouldn't be able to tell if this was a man or a woman, LOL. Now with
the panties down, I do see that there's a pinky pecker in there after all!
It might be suitable for a sissy that's just starting out to suck, but I
mean c'mon, you can't expecet a WOMAN to want that puny thing, LOL...


OK, so this little wanker wants his neighbor Julie to do some
willie watching...he wants to formally invite her and her girl-
friends to come watch him jerk his pinky pecker in the back-
yard. Not sure why he sent me the pics of him sucking cock,
guess he just wants to prove that eating cum isn't such a bad
thing? Anyway, he's apparently out in the backyard quite often
jerkin and squirtin, just waiting for an audience...what a wanker.



I told my Mistress that I had called you for phone sex - and how you humiliated
me by having me open up my front door when I was all dressed up. I also
confessed to her that I had paid you for a customized recording where I go to
the mall all dressed up and you have me put on a lingerie show at Victoria's
Secret for a bunch of men.

After confessing this, My Mistress forced me into the red lingerie, nylons,
and shoes you see me wearing in these photos, and after I had earned
her forgiveness for sharing my fantasies with you, she now says that I am
to send you these photos of me serving her, and humbly ask that you post
these photos on your website.

My dearest shannon - lover of cross-dressing...your Mistress was dead
on about sending me your pictures, the world needs a good laugh. You
are pitiful, you know that, right? Any man that would degrade himself
for the pleasure of other men, any man that craves the attention of men
for the purpose of turning them on (a fucking lingerie show?) is sick. You're
beyond help, and I guess the best thing that you can do for now is to
go about your business of getting all dressed up in your frilly, lacy
outfits and stilleto heels and prance about...your dick is not worth the
spit to suck it, anyway, so do us all a favor and get the fucker tucked
up in your panties and keep it out of sight - we'd appreciate it ;-)

princess weeniewimp
has sent in the funds to get his pic back up on page one :-)
BUT, now he's back on page two - stay tuned, LOL

When you have a pinky pecker, there's not
many options for you. Your best bet is to visit me at NITEFLIRT, pay
your pinky pecker tax, send your funds to get your picture on my website,
and just get over yourself. You love the attention, I give it to you. Your
little dick will be seen around the globe, women will giggle, men will
stare in awe, some will realize that they too belong in the PINKY PECKER
category and send me their info, and the vicious circle starts over ;-)


"I have a really tiny, wimpy cock. Its a little bigger than 3 inches in length.
I have gotten my Fiancee to humiliate it every night....and she laughs and
mocks it constantly. I am hoping one day that she will cuckold me and
fuck other men while I watch. She's a sexy lady and deserves a well
hung cock to satisfy her sexual needs...something that I am
unable to accomplish." Also from ROB:

"I am a 26 year old male, with a very tiny penis. 3.5 inches
erect is its maximum growth, and its totally useless....
i have a pinky pecker and i want the world to know, and for
girls to beware cause they could end up with this sad excuse for a cock."

Well Rob, I hope your info is right now...women everywhere need
to be aware that at any moment they could run into a pinky pecker
like you - they need to take off their high-heels and run like hell :-)


And what a little wanker he is, about PENIS ENVY, this
pinky pecker LOVES to drool over pics of BIG COCKS, something he
knows nothing about. His "MICRO-PENIS" is not even worth of a second
look from a girl. In fact, I'm going to get together a picture package
of some REAL COCKS and sell it to him - he can dream about them
being shoved up his ass ;-) wanker, wanker, wanker - hehehehe


This little pinky pecker boi is HUNG LIKE A HAMPSTER...what
the fuck would I do with THAT?? This is the kind of moron that
you sit in the corner and make diddle with his clitty while ya
fuck a REAL MAN. Even *rock hard*, and I use the term loosely,
he wouldn't even be able to get his fist around it. Guess that he'd
have to rub one out using his thumb and forefinger...yikes


OK, for one thing, if you have a pecker THIS tiny, you should
not go by the name SPIKE, LMAO, that's hilarious! Spike doesn't
get much action with this little 3 incher, but he does like to dress
up for those of you that are well-endowed - and he looks great in heels!


voltaire had yet again graced us with a picture of his pinky pecker.
Since he took the time to wrap it up, I decided to give it a nice frame.
I once again have advised him to drink his cum, and for God's sake,
let his girlfriend find a guy with a REAL cock, someone that can give
her what she needs. This wanker can't seem to keep his fingers off
his pecker, he's constantly rubbing it. He's asked me for advise, but
I'm not so sure he's taking it. Hmmm, VOLTAIRE - guzzle guzzle guzzle


tinycuck LONGS to be a cuckold, however, his girlfriend would rather just
fuck around behind his back and WON'T LET HIM WATCH- what else
would she do?? This pinky pecker was totally LOST in all this disgusting hair,
but shaved, OMG, what a total embarassment...BUT, there is always the
dream of watching his hottie girlfriend fuck the big hard cock of a
REAL man someday - OR......maybe she'll let him be the "clean-up man"!


WOW - tatoos and all - what a MAAAAAN! LOL - or is it a Princess
in disguise? What a fruitcake, hehehe. Ya gotta love the sexy little
see-through thong, very creative! But doesn't it seem like instead
of a BEER, he should be drinking some fruity little drink with an
umbrella in it??? C'mon, pick a gender already Grube!! :-)))

sailorj20 - AKA littleweinerboy

Small penis humiliation pics
Princess Shannon's small penis humiliation

Another one of the "cotton panty-wearing crowd", little weiner boy has
been beat down by his wife & made to sit on the toilet to "tinkle". The
kicker? If wifey catches him trying to stand up and pee, he gets his ass
beat with a hairbrush till he's in tears and his ass is blistered ;-) Well,
I don't blame her, who wants piss all over the seat from a guy that
can't get his pinky pecker over the toilet from the standing position?
I'd crack his ass, too! He needs to just "put on his big girl panties
and deal with it". That would be MY advise to him & his little weiner.

psychopsilocybin AKA Shawn, Shawna

Sissy Shawna...that's what they call him. He's been DYING to have
the ex-wife see these pics, here's his big chance! Well, Meghan, what
do you think of your stud now?! LMAO, this is more fun than making
a sissy suck his own cock. I hope she's not too shocked, although he
COULD have a huge package under that cute little outfit, who knows?

John the Park Ranger

This pathetic CUM pic is the result of LN going to a stip club...the poor girl didn't even know she was turning him on!

LOL what a NUT job. Literally what a NUT job. LOL that is the lesson you
learn when you try to act like a stud when you really aren't . No wonder you were
the joke of the school. HA HA what a one-nut wonder. Well I am sure that several
of those girls would have loved to finish the job. Just for the simple fact that they thought
they were getting the big studly park ranger and found out that you had a dingle
nut nipple dick. LOL another valuable lesson is 1 full moon is enough and keep your
hairy needle dick ass in your pants. You got what you deserve and more humiliation
to cum. HE HE HE look at his blue Jingle Balls. HA HA he probably wears them
underneath his speedos at the pool, Imagine that and his burly ass hanging
out the back... EWWWWW. Now he has half of the testosterone of a real man I
would not doubt if he tries to stuff his 1ball blunder into a bikini...... LOL eeks!
Imagine squeezing his big burly MANBOOBIES into the top. YUCK I should stop now.
WELL, HE HE HE, I will be fucking many cocks while you dream of licking me


Now, I don't normally print this much about a pinky pecker, but I'm
making an exception here, I can use the keywords for better SE rankings :-)

HERE is what sitface has to say:

My name is sitface and I'm a 41 year old business man. I'm married with a so called "Hot Wife". My wife discovered that my dick is too small to satisfy Her and decided not to have sex with me anymore.
Instead of that She did put me since June 2005 in a CB 3000 and started to cuckold me since September last year. I'm supposed to behave very well, make Her life very easy now by doing all household chores and if I behave well She will let me out of my cage once a month and She will let me cum.

On the other side I need to satisfy Her orally almost every day and surf to find real hot dates for Her. She goes out with other men
several times a month. Most of those encounters are in hotels and up to now I
was only invited once to watch Her with another man. Most of the times I have
to stay home with a long list of chores to take care of before She comes home.

When I'm lucky She will let me lick Her still warm and moist pussy when She
return but most often She is tired and wants a massage and a bath before She
goes to sleep. In the bath tub She will repeatedly tell me that She is so happy
I'm chastity now and that She can enjoy real men now as much as She wants.

I know I won't ever fuck pussy again but I'm a happy man that knows that his
dick will never satisfy women. Therefore I'm lucky I have a wife that loves me and
did put me on my place. I'm happy to see Her happy and will do anything to make
Her even more happy then She is. My wife controls me via my orgasms. She can let
me do what She wants because any disobediance will be punished by simple denial
of orgasm, something a man will die for!

Please have a look at my little pecker and join my Wife in her decision
that these kind of dick should never be used by Women again.



Your Face To Sit On!

This is pantiboi1

pantiboi1 has a fascination with his step-daughter
and her friend, would like to be dominated by them.
He'd LOVE to get caught in their panty drawer, and
for punishment be made to jerk off this pinky pecker
while they make fun of his little mound-o-fun. Not sure
how he would actually get AHOLD of it to jerk it though!


Here's a new pinky pecker to amuse you! Voltaire & I
have decided that it's best if he just eats his cum, as we
wouldn't want him to reproduce with this little thing.
Better to keep little dicklets like this outta the gene pool



This clown actually sent me a picture of his HAIRY ASS to put up
here, quite disgusting, don't you think?? What he really wants is
a BIG BLACK COCK up his ass, he really loves black cock, lol. I'm
not sure what the spoon is for, I doubt that he could fill it with
jizz from that little pinky pecker, hehe...OH, I guess it's so that we
can see how TEENSY WEENSY it is! Get a good laugh everyone :-)


From his own confession, Sandy says that a girl once told
him "no wonder you're so pretty - you were almost a girl!"
He does appear rather smooth...I'm not sure what's up with
the bondage thing there...but either way, fun to laugh at!


OK, here's what I'm thinking...this pindick grabbed some pics off
the internet and sent them as his own...I think he's looking for some
*compliments* or something, don't you?? You don't send pics like these
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over them, what a pindick, maybe someday he'll send his REAL pics, huh??



Here is whiteboots His girlfriend is fucking a greek man with a huge cock.The first time he sent me these pics I was laughing so hard I almost choked. I have never seen such a Cockwad in these 80's Slut Boots.


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He thinks his girlfriend is fat and ugly because that is all the
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He is so fucking stupid once he meant to send me a pic of himself
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THIS IS "littletoy5050"

I am 30 years old and hung like a baby. The first time I realized this was
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I am under an inch soft and under 3 inches hard. I barely have sex with
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Thank You Princess for allowing me to send these pictures to be displayed by
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WOW what a pinky pecker!!

My name is Mike. I am 35 years old and single. I have always
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I currently have a girlfriend who enjoys teasing me about my
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urina....what can I say about this pinky pecker?? The title of this
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This lovely specimen belongs to is perhaps the pinkiest
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