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or just surfing around for someone to humiliation and
degrade you, I'm Amber, the Princess of small penis
. You can find me at NITEFLIRT, where I am
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paid $19.99 to go back to #1

Well, to me the picture he sent looks the same but I will post
it anyway, along with some new remarks about this unremarkable pecker!

Well, here we go yet another tiny, useless, prick loser has begged and paid his
Princess to move him back to the #1 spot on Pinky's. LMFAO!!!!!!
He actually called and whimpered, whined and confessed some super humiliating
things to me. Of course, you guys know me and my feelings on sharing. Sharing
is caring after all and my PInkies get exposed here as I see fit!!!! His ex-girlfriend
actually goes to this site to humiliate him even still which makes me so very, very happy!

So, get this, his ex -girlfriends, (real man, real cock by the way) ex boyfriend
has moved in with him. Yep, roommates! I don't think it takes much to figure
out who is the alpha of this house. Can you imagine a total stud, domme type
guy now rooming with an itty, bitty, inverted, beta bitch and in this unique
but hilarious situation?

If only I could see a life in the day, oh my how entertaining it must be!
I'm sure like the comparison between a little bitch boi and real man with a real
cock is obvious on a daily basis. Just look at his picture I mean come on!!! It's
like ewwww what the hell? Inverted nipple, worthless, useless, no where close to a dick. haha!

Super happy to re-connect with this pinky and make certain he remembers his place!!!

Been trying to talk this little,pathetic excuse of a dick having a guy into joining
my website for awhile now! Much to my pleasant surprise, look who calls and sends
his mini- shrimp pic for me to humiliate him while we chat. OMG!!!! No, ya'll
for real, his shriveled, introverted nub is just so gross and I told him so. Seriously,
EWWWWWWW!!!!!! Just when I think I have seen it all along comes a new pinky pecker
for me to laugh my ass off at. Oh, and don't forget I always share this with my besties.
They get a good laugh also!!

Anyways, he told me a story that I simply must share about going to a party only to
be totally pantsed by a hottie. LMFAO!! Pinky boi says he was instructed to "jerk off"
in front of everyone. But I had to stop him right there. Jerk off? With what? I mean
that tiny, wrinkled clit? How? I mean come on guys with real cocks jerk off,
pinky peckers finger and rub.

The thing is he likes the teasing and humiliation just like my other pinkies do.
In fact he craves it. And even though he whimpered and whined when I called him
out about his severe lack of manhood here he is for all the world to see.
Just don't squint too hard! LOL

miss ronnie limpklit thorne

Always a fun and kinky day when I get to add a new pinky pecker to my site!
Say hello to Miss Ronnie. LMFAO!!!!!

As you can tell from the pics this tiny, clit stick sissy knows her place.
I mean I laughed so hard when I saw that itty, bitty, clitty with the ribbon around it!
haha! Yeah, I'm sorry but that ridiculous excuse of a dickie could never,
ever satisfy a woman.


The thing is Miss Ronnie is a lifestyle sissy slut. Has been very well trained,
stays completely shaven smooth everywhere, wears panties daily and even
did a man "underwear purge" and keeps up with mani/pedis. hahaha!

Miss Ronnie wanted me to mention how she dreams of being pimped out by
a Mistress to service all kinds of alpha cock and in the most naughty ways.

LOL yep, total SLUT.

I'm just getting to know this new pinky pecker slut but am loving it already.

dizzy paid $19.99 to go back to #1 woooooo!!!!
AND once again paid to go back to #1 8/22

AND of course graced us with some new pics, see them below:

OK things are looking even worse for our dizzy boy...I mean these
pics are unbelievable!! The one pic looks like a little turtle between
a bunch of rocks (my friend Maddy said that LMAO)...and now he's got
a disgusting pimple on it, even more gross!! I just love the way he puts
himself out there for humiliation though, what a sport! Just last night I
was at the bar for a bit and put my website URL on a some napkins and
spread them around, so there will be lots more lookers and laughers, I
think they will really appreciate this micro dicklette LMAO!!! Thanks dizzy.

Finally talked this one into adding his pathetic,disgusting, minuscule
thingie to my website aka wall of shame for tiny dick losers!!!

So, yeah just look at it hahaha yeah you gotta squint... I mean are you serious??
What the hell is that? LMFAO!!! It like hides away even. What a sad, deficient mini
worm of a pecker! YUCK!! Definitely deserves a place here and believe me he knows
how I feel about it. Of course, he has never had sex with a woman and sucks cock willingly.

UPDATE PICS!!! NOW....he says BOTH of these pics are him:

LMAO!! How can this be!? it's like the groundhog came out of
his hole hahahaha!!! My friends are gonna LOVE this shit ~ I bet not
one of them believes it! BUT, it IS pretty red, looks like he's been
beating it like someone that dissed his non-existent girlfriend LOL!!!

Can't wait to shame him more when he calls me again on NF-



Ever heard the phrase "never judge a book by it's cover" LMFAO!!!! Well, it could
not be more correct in this case. Check out my small penis boi hahaha if you wanna
call that a penis. He's actually 6 1/2 feet tall with huge feet so what gives?
Looks like the dick fairy skipped out big time.

He confessed to me that many women have assumed he has a big,
nice cock because of his height and yes the big feet. Sorry ladies "big feet big dick"
does not apply with this little pinky pecker. It's just so odd, tiny and out of place.
I mean ewwwww look at the side angle. Is that a nipple? WTH is it? hahaha Seriously
just hilarious. Oh, he also admitted to me that the humiliation, teasing, shock from
women when they realize he has such a little one turns him on. A bit of an exhibitionist
this pinky is, he LOVES to show it off! And you know me I LOVE exposing him
for the tiny dicklette bitch he is!!! More pics...


Well, well lookie what we have here. Yeah, you might have to squint to see this tiny
little worm of his. Meet Shrimpdick! hahaha How appropriate is his name right?

So, he comes begging to show me his pathetic clit of a dicklette and I insisted
he be on my website for all the little dick loser bois! Never has he shown a pic
to anyone before so hey what better way than to be on my pinky site completely exposed!!

Shrimpdick also confessed to me his deep love for BBC. He knows it is his
place to be on his knees like a good beta bitch sucking alphas.

Says he is a grow-er not a show-er well I don't see much that's for sure!!!
I can't wait to tease my shrimpy dicklette even more I never get
tired of putting you small pinky's in your place!


lil timmy paid to go back to #1 on 5/26/20

AND some new pics!!! OMG, so teeny, so icky...and yes, timmy, you
are correct when you tell me you are not anywhere close to being a

REAL MAN. Not now, not then, not ever...

BUT, kudos to you for knowing your place among the pinkiest of
peckers...not ashamed, throwing it out there for all to gag over hahaha!!

lil timmy writes:

Dear sweet and sexy Rylee,

thank you for the opportunity to take my place and show my pathetic teeny
tiny little dicklette. i am a pathetic little dick loser.

my last gf (Sherry) often ridiculed me for not being a real man.

she made me go to a female doctor and get a physical,
and specifically ask to be tested for low "T"

when the female dr. asked (in front of an attractive nurse and a young aide)(both female)
"and why do we think we might have low "T"? "are you having sexual issues?"
" I responded that "well ... my gf wanted me to ask." the Dr. then said
"oh ,ofcourse, that's what i figured." all three of them were trying to hold
back their laughter, as good proffesionals should ... until the young aide snorted.
then all three of the women started to giggle. And as the Dr. was examining
my testicles... she said " hmm, I don't see anything significant" and they all
broke out into full out laughter and snorting and giggling.
(my tiny little cock was dripping of pre cum)

i was soo embarrassed and ashamed!

please find attached my entry for your pinky pecker club

do you think every girl should know about me... perhaps my
tenants will see? perhaps i should show them?

love liltimmy3x

OK, this is BEYOND pathetic. I can see why everyone at the doctor's
office couldn't hold back their laughter...I'm surprised they didn't
just put you out of your misery and snip the thing off...they would
have only needed a small bandage to cover up the little space where
that gross thing used to be. And imagine my surprise when you say
that you actually had a girlfriend??? Not only that but you say your
"last" girlfriend?? Like you've had more than one?? You must have a
lot of money LOL...or a big fancy house with an expensive car to
have even HAD a girlfriend, what the fuck. Anyway...very lame.


Well, well, well what do we have here? Another tiny, pathetic dicklette
of a prick to be exposed on my pinky pecker Wall of Shame! hahaha!

So, yeah I like literally choked from laughing so hard at this one.
Littledickbitch named himself here on NF knowing how tiny and disgusting his
insignificant nub is!!! Awww just look at it I mean if you squint really hard you
will see this like nipple thing popping out of his pants, right? I'm like
OMG you have got to be kidding me!

He is at least a good tiny wormed subbie for me, buys my hot videos and
sexy pictures to watch when he calls and begs me to finger his clit. Yeah,
I said it...his clit. And also grovels on his knees to be completely
humiliated for his lack of manhood.

So, with pleausre here he is my newest pinky pecker!!
Welcome to your new home littledickbitch.

anita dick

OK, this is little pecker is anita dick LMAO nice play on words, especially
since he didn't really realize that girls would make fun of his willie and
would make him suck cock for their amusement HAHA!!! But really? I mean
how would you not have a clue that girls would laugh? But anyway, he's not
really sure WHY he needs all the girls to see his pix, he KNOWS they will
laugh, but here we are. I hope to actually talk to him soon so that I can
explain how much girls HATE little shriveled up dicklettes :) LOL

Here are a couple updated pics of my pinky Anita

some things never change haha! this lil pecker I think only gets
smaller and smaller each time I see it, and all of my friends agree.
My friend Jason said it looks like the dicklette of a shriveled up
old man, he about threw up in his mouth. He showed it to his friends
and they all about gagged. BUT the girls thought it was SOOOO cute,
so there ya go. YES, they laughed and made fun of it, but who wouldn't!?

LOL such a cute lil pecker!!! Paid $19.99 to go back to the #1 spot, love it!!

panty boy 9

"I can't get a date."

Really. That's what he said in his email. WELL, have you looked
at this picture!! It's no wonder! And if you DID get one, it would be
the last LMAO!! Women don't want to deal with this shit, a little button
playing hide and seek, what the hell good it that??? I mean, it looks like
3 testicals, honestly. and the one on top is the smallest. I wonder, if it
ever happened, how big it would be hard. Would it actually stick out
past that nasty scrotum? I feel like I want to take my finger and see
how far I can push it in LOL!!! My friend Stacy said the same thing haha!
well, I'll be waiting for a nice long call from panty boy to discuss!!


Are you like serious right now? I'm soooooo laughing my ass over here!!!
What is that even??? When sissy Katrina sent me these pics begging to be shamed on
my site, I was like SHOCKED at the MINUTENESS of it. LMFAO

O.k. yes I have a lot of pinky pecker itty dickie bitches here with little or nothing to
show but this? OMG this is a new level of total inverted nothingness! OMG ummm
yeah that is like a gross micro mini worm peeking out of like I don't even know!
Never. Nada. Yuck!!!!!! OMG we need to do a call, are you even for real!?!?


WTF? OMG!!!! HAHAHAHA Ok so yeah you better look really hard because you might
just miss it, right? I seriously had to squint to see this tiny nub of nothingness!
And OMG the comparisons he shows are just sad right? I mean seriously? What the hell??
Definitely not a real cock or anything close to it. I must expose this pinky as the
true insignificant, worthless little worm he has between his legs.

My friends are going to go wild when they see this haha!!! ALSO, he really
wants his information known to all: He's Kylar from Oregon and you're
welcome Kylar for EXPOSING you as the little pinky pecker you are!!!

Oh, my, my new pinky peckers are eally coming out lately and I could not be more thrilled.
After all what's a princess to do but expose their serious lack of dick and complete
worthlessness? lmao I do it with pleasure. Can't wait who decides to "come out" next....



Check out this 49 year old sissy from Belgium with an itty bitty clitty! hahaha!
Nice touch with the toilet paper roll around the little guy but ummm yeah you are
definitely a pinky pecker!!! LMAO what a mess you are with a rip in your hose and
your little teeny pecker not qquuuiiittttteeee sticking out from the tube hahaha!!!

Welcome to my wall of shame pinky and enjoy your stay because you deserve
to be here!! Can't wait to talk to you and tease you properly so be ready!
When we do talk, you can tell me all about how you try to grip it and *poof*
it just disappears LMAO! My friends are rolling laughing at your panty hose
and pretty baby blue fact, my friend Tiff has a pair, and now she's
gonna have to throw them away cuz she said it will remind her of your little
button clit hahaha OMG I about died when she told me that!! Call me soon :))


"Watches sissy hypno daily for 4 hours, and no other types of porn"


Meet my newest little pinky WanderingLoser a 27 year old a virgin with a ridiculously
small 2' clit and a totally kinky panty wearing fetish! (AKA My future sissy bitch.)


He is already so obedient to his Princess and willing to do whatever
it takes to be the ultimate tiny dick-lette loser for me! This little pecker
boy has the word loser RIGHT in his name, so there ya go. That little thing
looks like a piece of flesh that is limp, pathetic and just a sorry excuse
for a penis. You can tell by the above pic how soft and fleshy it is ick!!!
Here are a couple pictures of him in panties, which is a good look as we
don't really want to see more of his disgusting penis anyway LOL!!!!

PLEASE do us all a favor, and keep it in your pants will ya!?!?


JuJust take a look at this ALMOST 2" dicklette lmfao!! OMG seriously? Yeah not even
2" how totally pathetic is that? I seriously have to squint to see it.
Yuck~not a dick that's for sure.

But that's ok because this is actually my little fairy who does not
think of himself as a man (obviously that's true).

Fairy wants nothing more than to be my housewife and wanted to make
sure I mentioned it! LMFAO!!!!! I mean I can't even see it really so you bet I will be
humiliating, teasing, using,controlling this one for a long time.

Here's a little "closer" view LMAO!!!


LMFAO!!!! OMG I almost wet myself laughing when I saw this pic!
I texted it to my friends and's official, this is one PINKY
PECKER!!! My god it's almost an "inny" haha! Kind of scary when you
look straight at it hahaha....he asked me if it qualified as a pinky pecker.
UMMMM hello? It almost qualifies as a NO-pecker. My advice? Maybe
some tape to put across it and tuck it safely away and out of sight yikes!


yogi has paid the $19.99 fee to return to #1 :)
and again on 8/'s more....
UPDATE on 4/13 LMAO!!!

OK so here is a couple of updated pictures from yogi (who, btw,
didn't even know I was back how the hell does that happen!?!?)
Anyway, if it is even possible, his little willie is skrinking even
dinkier than before hahaha!!! Here are a couple of new pics of yogi

OMG I had a friend over when I opened his email and he just could
not stop laughing!! He sent the pics to one of his girlfriends, and
she sent it on from there...nobody can believe a pecker could be
so pinky!!! LMAO, thanks yogi for the update n lets talk soon boy!!


LMFAO!!! yogi...omg. YES, way too small for any girl to pick so I
see you've found your glory here on pinkypeckers! I mean c'mon
every time I see it - it's gets smaller haha (didn't think that was
even possible!!!) this sissy CLIT is the most feminine, useless piece
of flesh I've seen lately, but he LOVES IT! I actually sent this to a few
of my friends, and they sent it to some of their friends, and everyone
just raves about how "cute" it is haha, that can't be a good thing for
a "man", but he just rolls with the punches lol. thanks for the downright
disgusting picture always, my advice is keep it in your panties.

OH MY FREAKIN LORD...hahahaha!!!! It's like the groundhog peeking
out to see his shadow LOL!! When I showed these pics to my girlfriends
they rolled on the floor :))) that pic on the right, if I didn't know any
better I'd swear that was a chick haha! that lil bump isn't even worth
looking at, let alone touching. Just disgraceful don't you think? I don't
even have to tell him to tuck it in and put panties on, that's kind of
taken care of already. I swear if I took a guy home and he pulled down
his pants and I saw this I would probably punch him in the face LOL!!!

sissy pants

Finally, I talk this little loser no dick bitch into sending me a photo of
that ewwwww OMG pathetic nub. WTH?? hahahaha I mean no wonder his
wife has a live in boyfriend with a real man alpha cock.

This tiny pecker boi sleeps in the guest room while his wife enjoys her stud
in their bedroom! Truth be told he is actually obsessed with her lover and steals
his dirty underwear just to worship them! What an idiot and he does beg me
to call him names and confesses to being completely brainless.

Can't wait to hear from this useless pinky pecker boi so I can humiliate him more!

Rylees Little Pecker Boy
updated again on 8/19!!
updated again on 10/2
udated on 3/23/19

(formerly knows as little_pecker11)

So......some new pix of my "little" friend:

RYLEES little pecker boy has paid the $19.99 to go back to # one!
This little mushroom head dicklette can't get enough humiliation!
I love it! I have three new pics for you, with his little teeny weeny
trying so hard to be a big boy!! this little nub cracks me up every
time, I mean...really?? I don't think he could even get it in a pussy,
so he will be destined to calling me and trying to jerk it off like a
good little whack off boy! my friends can't get enough laughs from
these pictures, they are amazed that anyone could have a wee wee
this small haha. not much in the balls department either, LMAO!!!

UPDATED 10/ pix, same old nasty looking little dick.
he's wearing high wasted nasty panties...probably stained in the
back or maybe under the "balls" little pecker boy wants
to be front and center, the "face" of pinkypeckers lol ~ he loves the
attention, loves it when I make fun of him :) which works out well for
me :) My girlfriends just love my humiliation of this little mushroom
head wee wee, I was sure to send them all these pics in an email, and
even some of the guys we hang out with so they could get a good laugh
at them too!! pitiful, stubby, chubby, gross little nub of flesh hahahah

he desribes it as a "little mushroom head", and omg yes, exactly!!
quite the celebrity he's becoming ~ I email all my friends when I
do an update, and they really look forward to it hahaha...especially
since he's named himself Ambers Little Pecker Boy LOL! he's all mine,
to make fun of, to laugh at, to show off to all my friends :)) They don't
even believe a "man" could have a dicky this small. They ponder on
what could be done with it, and always come up with NOTHING. My
guy friends say they would be SO FUCKING ASHAMED if their dicks
were this small, they wouldn't even TRY to date a girl, let alone show
it off in public!! They would keep it in their pants, and just let it die lol.

OMG. what a shriveled up piece of useless flesh. Nasty hairy
no balls, what else could this icky thing be used for except to
make everyone LAUGH!? Now, this boy wanted me to go through
a whole bunch of horseshit - post the pics while he was on the
phone with me, but LOOK...I charged him x-tra and he pretty much
ignored it, so I'm just posting the pictures now, he can see them
when he sees them. I showed 2 of my friends already, and they
about GAGGED looking at it. The pic below shows about how much
he loves having a pecker this small...even he can't stand it LMAO!!!

yes, that is a cigar cutter. thats about how small it is. Ugly, puny,
hopefully I will never have to look at it again, I mean, it's totally
useless, might as well be a faggot, cuz no girl would feel that thing.


omg it's been too long!!! have not heard from this limp dick in
quite some time! So glad he's back, I REALLY needed a good laugh!

Now, I believe that this little dicklette should for sure be locked in
chastity, and maybe even throw the key It's so tiny I
can't even see it in the first picture! just as well I guess. I can't wait
to talk more with him, he is such a sweet submissive it's almost too
easy to humiliate him...BUT, he LOVES to be owned by me, that much
is true! I mean who wouldn't?? And now that he's back, we are in for
SO MUCH fun on the phone, if only you all could listen in huh???

So nice of him to send this pic on the left, the comparison is already
done for me haha! And the pic on the did that thang get out!?


nutbusting1 paid $20 to go back to #1

AND again on 11/10 :))


New pix added 11/10:

LOL he just can't get enough. The creepy pic on the left is just nasty lol
OMG so hairy you can hardly see his dicklett!!! I sent this pic to a couple
of my friends on a group chat, most of them sent back gag emojis LMAO!
He is doing SO GREAT at sperm eating lessons!!! He is slurping just like
a pro, he's the best one I've had so far :)) there's something to be proud
of!!! He's at EXPERT level, following my instructions to a T :) great job!!!
Can't wait for our next lesson, not sure if there is anything else I can teach
him at this point, but I still love to make him guzzle that cummmm!!!


SO, this little sperm eater has taken up a new habit for me...
CUM EATING lol! As if this little pecker isn't enough to be humilated
for, I've been training him to eat his own cum (what there is of it)
slurp slurp little nutbuster, you've been doing great, lots more fun
to "cum" I'm sure. I love this training, not sure how he's getting a lot
of spermy cum out of it, and to think about him jerking it is a real
stretch I will grant you that...but somehow he does manage. When
I tell all my friends about it, they just GAG thinking about it, and
they really do ask me how he'd get more than a thimbleful of cum
out of this pathetic pecker...who knows, maybe I should make him
save it up for a week then eat it all at once, what do you think!?!

lmfao!!!! this "almost" pecker is the shrimpiest thing ever!!! I mean, it's
"almost" poking out, not as big as the little nuts even!! hairy,'s
like a little button dicklette hahaha!!! This lil pecker boy also loves to
jerk and "squirt", into his MOUTH ewwww. Here is another pic, try not
to gag when you look at it, I know I DID...threw up in my mouth a little...

yeah, he loves to chat with me on NiteFlirt about this lil thang, and now
that I've actually seen pix of it, um...yeah. it's pitiful with a capital P!!!!
No need to "hide" it from the girls, they wouldn't see it anyway!!!!

updated with new pics on 9/28

Some new info on his own words:

My name is William, I am a loser, I have long been bullied by girls and I'm too much
of a pussy to do anything about it, I have been repeatedly bullied and dominated
into doing the most degrading forms of submission including: sucking Big Black Cocks
and licking the assholes of Superior Black Men; being used as a fart slave; being
exposed publicly and especially on Twitter; I've even been bullied into eating shit
(most recently due to my mistake of voting for Trump which many women decided
to use as reason to turn me into a shit eating toilet via the mail although in person has happened too)
and yes, there are pictures to prove it and some were even posted online to humiliate me...
Not sure what else to say... I've been beat down by women before, literally...
I'm just a loser and I understand that I can't escape that fact.

OMG what else can I say!?? sooooooo fucking pathetic!!! and yes,
I can say I'm SO disappointed he voted for a clown for president,
but I love that the other women are making him do degrading things
because of it haha. LOVE IT. So here you are william, in all your itty
bitty glory. Next time I want some pics sent with you sucking BBC
and getting a facefull of cum so that I can sell them to my other
customers - they would absolutely LOVE it. Let's plan on that!??

OMFG...I had to blow up this picture to see this little dicky! What the hell happened to it! This is not a small dude, but omg. No wonder he needs to be a fart slave because that's the closest that he would ever get to ME or any of the girls I know. If he doesn't wear panties I'd like to know why...he couldn't even tuck it in LOL!! So funny can't wait till he calls so I can properly humiliate his little weenie even more. My girlfriends cannot believe what they (didn't) see when I showed them this picture, please keep it in your pants!!!!


LMAO at this little "doorknob dicky" teeny I can barely see it!
He is good for wearing panties and jerking off for me, but I'm not
really sure how he got ahold of it to jerk friends are going
to LOVE this one, especially when I tell them how I can get him to do
things for me, like wearing the panties and jerking that lil piece of
"man" meat it!! It's so small he calls it a "B*by dick", but
weenie would be more like it. Here is another pic to gross you out:

BUT, he is a lot of fun when he calls (hopefully again soon), I love
to boss around lil weenie boys, so it's all good...thanks doorknob dicky!!


Soooooo....skylar has sent some more pix of his widdle weenie,
and OMFG are they something to see <gag> He, like kinkyrob below
lives in Seattle, those POOR WOMEN!!! If you live in Seattle, I pray that
you never run into one of these guys...if you do...RUN!!!!! skylar says
the only 2 things he hears while being with a woman is her saying
"is it in yet" and the sound of a vibrator, apparently her satisfying
herself afterwards, don't really need to ask why do you??

here are the new pix

PREVIOUS POST from skylar:

OK, it's ugly for sure, kind of wrinkly and saggy...and small for sure!
Not sure what else to say about it, except PLEASE....

KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS SKYLAR, stop scaring everyone!!!

Even tho he says he produces a lot of jizz, he still has to use his finger
and thumb to get the party started, and in my book that's pretty small


HAHAHA!!!! omg, this little chubby pecker cracks me up!! He
says he loves to rub it while he sucks the cock of a REAL MAN :)
Well, he really couldn't do anything BUT rub it, I mean he for sure
couldn't STROKE it now could he!? Everytime I see a AA battery I
will think of this little dicklette and marvel at it's size lol. It's not
even as big as his thumb!!! and his thumb is not very big for a
MAN right?? So rub on, rob...while you have that REAL MAN dick
in your mouth, think of all the people seeing your pics here on
pinky peckers, and I'm sure between those 2 thoughts you might,
MIGHT just get a little squirt outta that pathetic little thing!!!


OK, are you ready for this?? timmi says his pecker isn't
quite as small as some (true ~ but just as gross) - but he says
it's still useless (true again) and he's not a real man (probably
just as true) and that he's a sissy faggot just wanting to be
exposed, humiliated and outed to his family. WELL timmi boy
I won't be a part of that unless you send them to my website
which I don't really condone, I mean jeezus you want to give
them a heart attack seeing you this way!? Keep this shit under
wraps, just enjoy the exposure I'm giving you, and do call me
next time I'm on, I think you need some VERBAL humiliation ;)


LMFAO!!!! OMG....about 2/3 as big as a fricken Q-TIP!!! he wrote
me "there is no real excuse for this" and holy shit I have to agree!!
I think it's gonna be a sad and lonely Valentine's day for him, I mean
I showed this to a few of my friends and they COMPLETELY agree, there
will be no pussy for this lil clitty boy haha. I mean you can tell that even
if it's hard (could that really happen?!), there is no way you'd be able
to feel it ~ it would be pointless. The best thing that he can do is to
tuck it, put on some panties and rub it, it's the only sex he will be
getting LOL!!! I don't even think you could grab it to jack it hahaha!!!!

frillythrills the first pic I thought it was three balls no kidding
LOL...I mean, it's like just an eerie head sticking out and no
pecker at all!!! I mean, does it get hard and then come out or
what?! friends Jessica and Remi could not stop
laughing literally...I sent them this pic and Jess was like...what
the hell IS that!? I had to actually tell her it was a pecker lol.
They want to know how I can actually stand to look at all these
pinky peckers that come my way haha!! Hey, it's a living :)))
PLUS I do get great joy in humiliating guys like this!!

zb27 right?! this little dicky is really tiny!! I mean,
it's really not as big as the lighter, and oh so hairy <gag>...
the little balls are so gross...and I'm guessing this thing is
supposed to be hard? I mean, really, if it was soft we'd need
a magnifying glass to even see it. He could wear a pair of silk
panties and you would not even see a bump LOL. It's like a fat
little clump of flesh. I showed it to my friends and they were
laughing so hard, in fact Jamie said she'd rather fuck the lighter.


LOL!!!! look at that cute widdle dinky dink haha...omg it's barely bigger than
the balls under it :) It looks so soft and virgin-like (most likely) - I guess the pic
on the left is hard? Kind of hard to tell...I asked my friends and they said they
can't really tell the difference and have no idea if it's hard or soft or what, but
we all agreed we would not touch it haha. I mean I don't think that you'd be able
to feel it either way, so what's the point!? It's actually kind of scary looking in the
pic on the right, right!? The head is as big as the rest of the dicky LMAO, I hope that
he will just keep it tucked in his panties and don't scare any girls with it


LMAO...for some reason I cannot look at these pics without laughing! He did
my pinky pecker quiz, which is probably how he got it hard enough to pull it out
of his pants like is wrong the head of this thing it looks huge compared
to the rest of it's just really odd looking in my opinion. I would not fuck
this guy, and when I showed the pic to my girlfriends they just rolled their eyes and
laughed. Not one of them was impressed, believe me. It's just too small for any of
us, not sure what his woman does with it, but I'm sure he leaves her wanting more :)


(snapchat) b_green222 feel free to check him out LOL

Sent a couple new pics and paid $19.99 to go back to #1 :)

AND again, paid $19.99 to be number one :)

NOW, after six months in chastity, here is his little shriveled up dicklet...
even more pathetic than usual. I vote for "lock that fucking thing back up"
LOL!!! The dam balls are bigger than the clitty-dick, and it's just gross. If you
haven't checked out his snapchat stuff go have a look I guess, here's the new pic:

OK...this is more like it!!! I love to see lil dickies put in their place, and
that place is under lock and key :) I'm not sure who put him in this great
device, but my hat is off to her (or him). he is very lucky that I am not the
one with the key, because I would throw it into the nearest river LOL!! I
am proud of him knowing his place, and the way that his lil pecker deserves
to be displayed for all...if more lil dicky boys did this the world would be
a lot better off, and us girls would not have to look at those icky lil dickies!!! that thing supposed to be HARD?! I don't think I
could even grab onto it to jerk it hahaha!!! WTF would a woman
ever do with this? I mean it's kind of fat, but would need to be
3 times as long to do any good. I think the balls are longer than
the pecker, don't you?? As you can see in the 3rd picture, it's just
about big enough for a thumb and one finger, and probably does
not spurt out more than a thimbleful of cum if that. If I put my little
hand around it, it would disappear completely haha!!! Just pitiful,
I'm sorry you all had to look at it, but hey, he did PAY me for this :)


ok, a little confusion here...asslicker has paid to go back to #1 from page 4,
which somehow had to be re-uploaded to my server, my apologies to anyone
who's been on page 4 or 5...they are back up now, and asslicker has sent some
new but hardly improved pics...I about spit out my coffee when I saw them...YUCK.

Here are the new pics: What do I think about the new pics?! <GAG>, honestly...what the hell
is that supposed to be? I mean it's BARELY peeking out of that nasty foreskin...
add all that hair, and fat belly, and OMFG. Now you see why it made me gag.
The 3rd pic must have been taken at another time cuz the belly is shaved and
the weiner, actually, looks bigger (I can't believe I'm saying that)...jeezus. Next
time he sends me pix like this it's gonna be a hefty tribue just to look at them.
I mean, a girl can only take so much right?? And I apologize to anyone that has
to look at them, in advance. Now, something new, he would like any feedback
to be sent to his email address, so if you can stop laughing long enough:

These are the older


LMFAO. doesn't even reach to the bottom of his balls lol! A little
manscaping would go a long way...but I guess all it would do is make that lil
dicky look smaller haha. I showed this to my friend Julia...she is still cracking up,
she said she would NEVER EVER let a guy that small touch her. And who could
blame her? Can you imagine trying to fuck that thing?! OMG, so pathetic. I'm not
sure if he has a girlfriend or wife or what, but pity her :(( PLEASE...if you're going
to try to get some spunk out of that thing, do it yourself, don't subject a poor
woman to it...keep it in your pants and just stay away from women. If you find
one that will touch it or fuck it, you're damn lucky and you should keep her LOL!!!
As for the rest of no no...keep it away. A sane woman would just laugh.


this is jj...*LOL*...besides the nasty hair all over it, it's so teeny LOL!
I mean, if I was to meet up with you and go to your place, I'd be calling
UBER as soon as I saw this :(( shameful to even call it a penis. I mean I
have seen smaller, but not many, especially if this is supposed to be
your dick hard. It wouldn't even be worth sitting on, that's for sure.
I'd definitely have to ask "is it in yet" hahaha!! Yet another lil dicky that
should be keep in your pants, away from unsuspecting girls. Any you're
welcome for giving boys like you a place to show the world how tiny
they are, it's always my pleasure. Just don't try to use this on anyone :)


BACK TO #1!!!

so...this little dickwad first took my pinky pecker quiz and failed
HORRIBLY. From all the answers he is for SURE a little pinky pecker
boy with an inflated ego, thinking that he could actually satisfy a
woman with this pathetic little bump. Seems to think his pecker is
"pretty average". Sure. OK. Even next to that little girly finger it does
not even come close to average. His girlfriend has to use a vibrator
before and after sex just to get some satisfaction. He wanted to be
on my site so that he could "verify" whether his dicky is big enough,
if you'd like to throw him your 2 cents, you can email him at:


he writes:
Hi princess, ive been told that shaving my pubic hair will make my pee pee look
bigger. I think it still looks kind of small, and kind of like ive been wearing panties.
What do you think?

WELL, here's what I think: whoever told you that lied, it definitely does NOT make
your pee pee look bigger, that is not possible. We played a little game as to what I
would show in this post, if I thought it was disgustingly small I would post the whole
picture including his face. SO...I guess you know what I think. Even if you have not been
wearing panties, you really need to start, because that stub (I am guessing it's supposed
to be HARD), would fit purrrrfectly into a pair of pink satin panties. From now on when
you send me a picture, I want you in panties. YUCK and more YUCK, keep it in your
panties and stop scaring girls with it, it's just nasty and way undersize. Now you know.


OK what the FUCK is wrong with this pecker?!? Why is there a huge
lump in it? And why is this person standing out in their yard in the
snow snapping pix of it?! LMFAO!! Not only is it tiny, it's really the
strangest one I've seen in a long time. I hope he calls me so that he
can explain what the hell happened to it, looks like it was slammed
in a toilet seat or something :) Or maybe a girl smacked the crap out
of it or something, cuz that's what I'd do if he pulled down his pants
in front of ME haha...This one definitely needs to be kept under wraps.


so......that middle picture scared me half to death LMAO...eewwww!!!
Why do I subject myself to such utter grossness?? Well, for the money
I guess. It's the only think I can think of. This is such a nasty looking,
disgusting weenis :(( bout made me GAG, and that's saying a lot. I have
not gotten a call from kara yet, I sure hope it calls me...I have a feeling
it needs some ULTIMATE HUMILIATION on the phone, maybe even a raise
the rate kind of thing for using up my time. Yes, if it does call, it will pay
$4.99 a minute after the initial minute. We'll see if it's got BALLS :)))


pfffffffttt LMAO!!! what a furry little dicky! Love it!! Not good for
anything, or any woman, but so cute hahaha...I mean c'mon. Can
this be for real?? It's like an "outie" belly button, it's actually that
small haha. I'm surprised it doesn't get lost in all that nasty hair
surrounding it! My God, boy...keep that thing in your panties, it's
good only for laughing at and making fun of, period. Keep it out
of sight, keep it away from women, I don't even think you could
jerk it properly??? LMAO, put on your panties and TUCK IT!!!


LMFAO!!!! this odd looking weenie (uncut ickkk!!!!) is about 3 1/2
inches, if that. And so frickin hairy, wonder he can even find it in
all that mess - gross!!! Take a look for yourself...what a forest...

I can barely see it sticking out of the toilet paper, and his hand looks
like a giant's holding his lil wee wee haha. It looks perfect with him
sitting on the toilet, cuz with a lil pecker like that he HAS to be sitting
down to pee LOL, otherwise he'd make quite the mess. He wanted to be
on my "wall of shame", well, he got what he asked for. Hope everyone gets
a good laugh out of these pics, show them to everyone you know, too :)))


now this pinky dicky blows my mind LMFAO!!! I don't think we
really needed the measuring tape, I can tell it's under 2", and I
doubt it's much bigger hard, if he can even get it hard, I mean
who would bother?? The nasty little "balls", ick...I don't think a
girl could even get ahold of this clitty to stroke it, but who would
ever know because ANY girl would run the other way if they saw
this pathetic weenie. Everyone is cracking up at it, most of my
girlfriends just said "ewwww" and looked away :(( And the 2 guys
I've showed it to laughed like hell and called him a FAGGOT sissy.
So there ya have it, my newest pinky pecker to make fun of!!!


PAID $19.99 to go from page 5 to the #1 spot!

Here is his "new and improved" picture...

Now, this little dick pinky pecker boy says "it's REALLY actually 5" long"!!!!
ppppfffttt, whatev...I would not touch that thing with a 5 foot pole. Nasty
looking, and bare and wrinkly, it's really pretty gross. My friends will LOVE
the fact that he THINKS it's 5" long, which by the way is VERY SMALL, compared
to what my friends and I like to see in a COCK. Not little where you have to
work for a fuckin half hour to get the dicky even hard enough to jerk. BUT I'm
SO GLAD that you shared this picture, I KNOW that all my friends and all the
internet will get a big kick out of it, I can hear them laughing now LMAO!!!!

OK, here is a guy that's a lurker, looking looking but finally got
the nerve to post his pic - and he says "Words of wisdom? I don't think mine
is too small actually, is it?" Well, yeah, it's a pinky pecker, now you can
stop wondering. You're definately at the right site. It's ugly, of no use
to women, good for jacking between your thumb and forefinger only.
Look at the pin pricks on this site, and you fit in quite well, LOL.


paid $19.99 to go back to #1 and add a gross picture

and here is the newest pic:

Ummmm I thought this was going to be a pic of a pinky pecker,
but um where is it?! Is this like a "where's waldo" picture?! Where
you have to find the pecker?! LMFAO!!! When you're lying there in
bed loser, you must wonder if you're a boy or a girl haha! Yes, you
are meant to be a subbie, being made fun of by all my friends and
the whole internet, that is for certain. Why not shoot me a $20 tip
while you're at it, it's worth it for me to send a link to all my friends
so they can get a good laugh at your little dicky pics let the fun begin.

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. This shriveled up little wee-wee really
takes the cake. I don't even think there is anything in that piece of
loose flesh, all crinkly looking and stuff. Teeny balls (shocker), I
think the ball sack is bigger than the weenis. Again, john, keep it
in your pants, its totally grossing me out. Hope everyone that sees
it gets a laugh before they go puke hahaha...(I think I just threw up
a little in my mouth, ick)....put on some silky panties and hide it!!!

OMG, what fun I had with this little pussy pecker!! his name is john,
and he called today and with my special help, we turned his little pecker
into a little pussy LMAO!!! After all, it's about all it's good for, if I have a
strap on ready I could have fucked it hahaha...this little weenie is a total
waste of flesh if you ask me, john please keep that thing in your pants
and save it for your calls to me, we'll ALWAYS find something to do with it!


PAID $19.99 to go from page 4 to page 1!

YOGI69 is back on top with a brand new pic of his yucky little
weenie! So good to see that he's still available for our laughing
pleasure haha...I am going to email all my friends and make sure
they take a look at his new pathetic, pansy-ass, puny pecker pic:

I mean it's not even sticking out even a little LMAO!! His balls
are 3 times as big as his dicklette, and I guess he's comparing it
to a tube of lipstick? how creepy is that?! Anyway, welcome back
to the top you little dicked freak hahaha...can't wait to hear the laughs!

O-M-G....what a pinky pecker! This thing is just pitiful!! It looks
like it just lays there, dead. My girlfriends have all laughed their
asses off at this freak of nature, wishing they could slap it around
a little to see if it's alive LMAO!!! But wait, things get stranger:

I'm guessing some kind of chastity device or homemade shield?? LOL!
Not that he'll need it, cuz not sure of any woman I know that would
even get close to his little stumpy. He's yet to call me so I can find out
just what's going on in this picture, but at any rate, it's best to keep that
little pinky pecker under cover...nobody needs to see that thing!!! LOL!


LMFAO!!!! this little weenis is so fucking cute!! I showed this pic to
some of my girlfriends (and a couple guys I know) and they could
not stop laughing!! My gf Jaymie was like "WTF would he do with
that little thing? He couldn't even get it IN a pussy, let alone get a
girl off with it" lol...everyone agreed. My friend Brad said I should
print off a few pics and leave them at the bar we go to, scattered
around randomly...seriously thinking about it. What a fucking hoot
that would be on a Friday or Saturday night huh??? The whole bar
would be in tears laughing at this little pee pee. I know that I'm at
least going to write on the bathroom wall and
Brad is going to do the same in the MEN'S room, just for kicks!!!


SO, here are a couple UPDATED pics of footballfan789

STILL nasty looking, that little ass peckers sticking out of that skin -
really give me the creeps!!! His balls are way larger than his pathetic
little clitty, and his belly is just GROSS - repulsive. He's an old man,
with (I'm sure) no girlfriend or wife, and he probably jacks off to my
pictures day and night...I mean what else would he do? That IS if he
can get ahold of that little clitty to jerk it. Not really sure how that
would work LOL - maybe he can just rub it and get off, I dunno, I
don't really wanna think about anything squirting out of it, eeewwww.


This is a new guy from Niteflirt that was willing to share his pinky pecker.
I have not spoken to him yet, but I think he needs a good dose of my kind
of humiliation LOL...WTF? Teeny, tiny, little sack of balls...eewwww. He is
100% correct in his email to me, send today along with these disgusting pix:

"I know I'm not 4 you, but I wish. I know I'm not for any woman. I have a tiny dick,
as you can clearly see, and a tiny dick personality. The two seem to go together,
so I guess that's why tiny dick guys are such losers. We are shy, gutless
wimps that women can order around and make us do about anything. I'm just
something to laugh out, so have a good laugh at my expense. I know I deserve it.
Thanks for not charging me too much to post my pathetic photos.

AND you are quite right on TWO points: tiny dick guys ARE losers, and you
SHOULD pay more for making me look at this yucky little dicky-poo :-) There
always the tribute feature on NF, I suggest maybe you use that any time :-))

hopeful pet

This cute little guy doesn't have a chance LOL!! His little weenie
is locked up, no key, and I hope to GOD he never finds one for it.
From what I can see, it truly deserves to be locked up to save all
womenkind from even seeing it, let alone touching it or anything
else *shudder* - pet, keep it locked up, out of sight, out of mind,
out of reach...and if anyone does find a key for it, PLEASE destroy
it. The best thing for this weenie is to keep it under wraps LOL.

danny5112 aka
"king of the pinky peckers"

This is danny...proclaiming himself king of the little peckers LOL!!!
He says he's just paying me cash to put up his pic for the RUSH...well
danny, how's it feel?! He says he's bigger than most of the peckers on
my site, I guess it's bigger than some, (a "mouthful" he says), well, danny,
it's still a pinky pecker no matter which way you look at it. Of course, there
IS the fact that he's gotten LUCKY at LEAST 10 times in his pitiful life, TEN!
Can you believe this shit?! So this he thinks makes him superior to all the
other pinky peckers here...ppfftttt...move on folks, nothing to look at here.

AN UPDATED PIC FROM danny - LOL, I guess he thinks that this
is going to for sure proclaim him "king of the pinky peckers", but MY opinion...still kind of dinky LOL


LOL!!! here is jared, in all his glory...he says he loves blackmail,
but sent ME pictures of his little willie - I guess if he doesn't like
them posted he can PAY ME to take them down...I don't negotiate
with pinky peckers, you send me pics, I put them up so that every-
one can get a good laugh!! BTW, what a little nugget of a pecker,
Apparently they don't grow things bigger the further north you
get, they actually get smaller!! LMAO, since he's from Canada maybe
he needs to make a little sweater for it, awwwwww, keep the little
baby warm hahaha...anyway, if you don't see this picture here
after a few days you know he paid to take it down :)))


ok, this is not the TEENIEST pecker I've ever seen, but it does leave a lot
to be desired. It's pretty skinny, so probably wouldn't do anything for me
or any of the girls I know. I doubt a guy would even feel it up his asshole,
to tell you the truth. I'm sure it's standing up as straight as it can, probably
from looking at my pictures, but dude, or dudette, it's not gonna cut it.
Keep the fucking thing tucked away between your legs where it belongs!!


Whoohoo! $30 to get back to #1
And paid again 7/15 for the #1 spot with new pix

This little prick called Princess begging to have his picture posted in Pinky Peckers,
he had to be at number one right away!! LMAO His wife Teri has only fucked him 4
times in the last two years. He wanted his face posted on PP LMAO! See this idiot!
I hope your wife finds out your a stupid redheaded slut face!

SO, here we are in 2015 and this little dicky creep is back! He tried to get
back to the #1 spot by shorting me $$$$, but he did end up sending me the
balance, so here he is, in all his fucking glory...2 new pics shown below.

He tried to send just the same original picture without blocking his
face, but I think I like these much better, I told him that he'd better come
up with a couple comparison pics so we could see just how little his ugly
weenie is, so here they are. Just pitiful. I've already sent these to a couple
of my friends, they got a HUGE laugh and promised to show them to all
of their friends. Nobody can believe I make money off these little dick
morons LMAO!!!! Keep em coming boys, we all need a good laugh!!!!


Hmmm, so this douche sends me this pic, can't even see his little
dicky, says he has a baby hardon and that his Mistress said little fags
belong in pink plastic panties. hmm I don't remember saying that.
Anyway, I'm kind of glad he's not showing it, I think if he sends me
a pic of it I'll charge him another $10 since we'll all then have to look
at it LMAO! Hope he does so everyone gets a good laugh. I'm not sure
if he's going for the Caitlin Jenner look or what with the long hair and
what looks like make-up, but he does fit the part, he does look like a
little faggot girly girl, hope that's what he was going for. Don't be fooled
by cheap imitations, boys...leave this one to his "Mistress", which is
apparently not ME. Give me a call soon, panty fag, you NEED me.


pindicksissy has paid to go back to #1

OK, so after trying to sneak back to #1 he paid the full price to
go back to the top...sheesh some fucking guys :(( Anyway, I do love
the piggy picture, the others just make me gag. This little no-excuse
for a penis just makes my stomach turn, what a fucking loser. I do not
personally know one woman that would even take a 2nd look at this.
NOT ONE. I think that I will print out the piggy picture and show it to
everyone at the club this weekend, hell maybe we'll even paste it to
the wall and hand out flyers LMAO just so everyone can have a good
laugh. What a pathetic excuse for a "man". Good luck ever getting pussy.

These are the older pictures and post from awhile ago, enjoy.

I do love a sissy that knows he's a pindicksissy LOL! even "Hard"
it's pitiful. A girl could ride on that thing and not even know it is
there! Better keep that dildo handy in case you get a date bbwahahaha!!!

OMG and what the fuck...
painted toes, teeny dicky,
he thought that his cocklette might be too big for my site LMFAO!!! Unless he was talking about the size of the pix he sent, but some of you guys have a problem realizing just how teeny your weenie is. Not sure what is going on in the pic on the right, but it looks pretty scary LOL. Love the black thigh-high's, though for sure, way to dress up pindicksissy!!


OMG, pinky panties, pink blankie, pink nubby...he's got it all! looks so cute trying to get hard, probably looking at my
pictures hahaha...nice shaved legs, ICKY for a *guy* and I use the
term VERY lightly. This little weenie is so fucking gross, I wouldn't
even let my worst enemy fuck it, it's trying to peek out of it's ugly
shell, pahleeeeeze, keep that disgusting fucker put back in those
panties and keep it there!! Do us all a favor and put some pants
on and at least TRY to be a man. What a horrible looking nub!!



gross!! it's SO SKINNY!! No wonder he doesn't have a girlfriend,
the ones that he did have laughed at him and wouldn't even have
sex with him, and I can see why! It's not the smallest I've seen but
I doubt any girl could feel it. He has yet to call me but I can't wait
to humiliate the hell out of him. This is beyond pathetic, and I'm
happy to put his pics on here. Some guys really get off on a hot
teen girl humiliating their pinky peckers, hopefully we will do a
nice long call so he can tell me about all the times he's been
shamed - stuff like that cracks me up! So listen, giggitty with the
little clittiggy
- just forget about getting a girlfriend, of course
for the right $$$ I guess you could get one LOL! Otherwise I
guess you're just destined to whack off at home, if you can even
get your hand around it, it's so skinny not sure that's possible.


this little peepee guy has not called me yet, but I do expect a phone call!
painted toes of a sissy, and a little stumpy pecker, ick. I cannot wait till
he calls, I have a lot of choice words for this nasty looking pecker, it
really disgusts me, and I HATE a dick that is actually circumsized, but
looks like it isn't. it's just gross. he's comparing it to a battery, looks like
a AA, and that's probably what it would feel like if he tried to fuck a girl.
it won't be ME, for sure. I pity the poor girl that gets messed up with
this pinky pecker, she's in for a horrible surprise when she sees this.


first off let me say that the name fits perfectly!! For such a big "man"
you do have a mosquito pecker!!! I took the liberty of cropping it out
for a better view, and OMG, now I wish I wouldn't have. It's teeny, ugly,
and not fit for using on a woman, that's for sure. Guess the only way
for you to get off is to buy my vids at Niteflirt and use your index finger
and thumb to jerk off this teeny thing LMAO!!! No respectable woman
would want anything to do with that itty bitty button, keep it out of site!!


rob paid $19.99 to go back to #1 yay!

Dear Princess Rylee,

This is my submission to pinky pecker. I know its a pinky pecker. It doesn't
satisfy even with a small tight pussy cuz it grips my pinky pecker and
makes it cum fast. This is pics of it small after i blew fast and when hard.
I know it won't satisfy princess rylee. Your pussy is too good for it.

Pinky Pecker Rob

so here it is....rob's pinky pecker. so cute, it's trying so hard to look
like a man's dick LMAO!!! I can just hear it saying "hey look at me!"
but sadly, you're right rob, that would in NO way NO how satisfy me.
I mean, yes, I have a really tight pussy, so if it DID go in, I'm sure it
would spurt within seconds. I would never know, however. And yes,
my pussy is WAY too good for it, but since you paid me $14.99, I will
show it off for you. keep dreaming of tight pussies, rob LOL!!!

I'm assuming this happened after looking at my pictures ;))


here is the email from brian

This is Brian. I am a BIG COCK loving fag, but I became a cock loving faggot out
of sheer necessity. After going a few years without sex with a woman, and never
really being able to satisfy one anyhow (except orally, I became quite proficient at that),
my female best friend saw my cock, after asking to see it, after I had attempted sex
with one of her friends, who then told her my cock was WAY too small. She laughed,
but then suggested I try sucking cock. Try gay sex., she said. Satisfying men.
I did, and was addicted. Sucking cock quickly moved to getting fucked, and I soon
found new sexual freedom as a gay bottom. I Love big COCKS, and I love that I can
make them cum, in my mouth, in my ass. I make no excuses, I was born
with a small cock for a reason. So I could satisfy men with BIG ones. AND now
that women know, some have even invited me into the bedroom, telling thier
boyfriends, husbands, and lovers, that they have a gay, faggot bottom friend
that will suck thier cock and take it in the ass. I'm not just a Queen.
I'm a Size Queen. I'm queer out of necessity, because of my small cock, but I luv it.
I have even grown to love the taste of men's cum.

So YEAH...what a fucking faggot!!! He LOVES the big cock, can't get enough,
and has the nerve to blame it all on his little dicky?! brian, even if you had
half a cock I think you'd still be a cock craver, big or small. The fact that
you have a little weenie just is a convenience. The fact that you've grown
to LOVE the taste of men's cum is no surprise to me. And the fact that you
will allow yourself to be used and abused by men (with their women watching
you!!) doesn't surprise me either. But you have the right idea, because no
woman would want anything to do with that pathetic excuse for a penis!!!


jocko has sent me $19.99 to move back to the #1 position
and has graced us with another pic of his little dicky

and OMG....what the fuck?!? this little button clit takes the cake!!
it looks like a little dwarf between 2 big saggy balls LOL! My girlfriends
are gonna LOVE to LAUGH that is. my GOD jocko, pathetic!
Glad you paid to be back to #1 though, everyone deserves to get a
good laugh looking at this pinky pecker, I'll be sending emails to all
my friends to come check this sorry excuse for a penis out LMAO!!!

here is this little teeny weenie...jocko!! Didn't really need the ruler,
I can see that it's STUBBY and YUCKY!! Hairy, gross...UGH :(( I have not
talked to jocko yet, I'm supposed to be checking out this weewee on his
cam, he has not called yet. Not sure if I'll be able to watch without barfing,
but of course I'll be making money so that will take some of the sting out
of it hehehe. Anyway, can't wait to hear from you jocko pinky dick.

DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!! after a 2 year's grapedickned!!
LOVELY to have you back, "smallned3"

ned226 - aka the Pillsbury Dough Girl
AKA slave girl226 now AKA grapedick
(AGAIN paid the $10 fee to get back on page one)
AND PAID $19.99 to get back front and center 11/8/12

Sissy Sherry is back at number 1...Paying 19.99! Good Girl!!! Sissy Sherry just
couldn't wait to show me her new Baby Doll outfit from a department store.
HEHE! Everyone saw her buying it!!! Awww how slutty of you! My Good
Slut Sissy! Here you go! The whole world to see you now!

to see you now!

ALSO KNOWN AS pinkypecker & NOW, sissy sherrie,

Well, well...ned has decided to grace us with a pic of his pinky pecker.
He wanted to send a pic of it hard, but he couldn't get it up - small
wonder, huh?? Now this is REALLY a case of "keep your pants zipped
up, ned" could use your forefinger to rub one out, similar to the
way a woman would rub her clit - wonder if he'd get a little spurt of
disgusting jizz out of it or not - WOW, this takes the cake, huh guys?

Sissy Sherrie is here yet again. You remember the Sissy in the pink nighty haha!
Yeah well this time Sissy has her naked fat ass on cam. Those fat milk jugs
hanging down like utters. YUCK! In Pink and yellow panties. Look at that
little Pinky Dick Clit next to the CC. LMAO So red from yanking and tugging
at it all day with Princess. I must say this is one of the most amusing nasty
sissy girl's to watch on cam. HAHA! Wanna be number 1. Come on Pinky Dicks!
You know what to do. Knock the udders that need a bra down a notch BAH HAHA!


he writes:

-I got my nickname (little dick fart slave) back in high school from a
girl that beat me up at a party in front of her girlfriends. After making me
admit I am a pussy, she stopped slapping and punching
me, got up off of me and as I got to my feet, she pulled my pants down.
My boxers went down too and all her girlfriends saw how tiny my dick is.
I was mercilessly degraded all through school and
beyond by the girls I went to school with and I was effectively their bitch.

-I'm currently being blackmailed by a young lady I met on Instagram who
slow played me for information and gave me an ultimatum to suck a Big Black Cock,
swallow his cum and send her pictures as proof by December 20th 2014
or else all my info and the humiliating pics she had acquired of me gradually would be
put online. Naturally, she received her picture proof and I do have them to prove I'm not lying.

-I have been asked if I'm in yet, out and out laughed at when girls have seen
my worthless teeny weeny, cuckolded by my ex-fiancée who left me for a hung
Black Man that was living with us at one point.

I could continue with the many ways I've been shown by females that I'm a piece of
shit for over 2 decadesnow, but I don't want to occupy too much of your time. I look
forward to being on and if you're as talented as you seem, I could be a
long lasting and profitable bitch to humiliate.

Thank you for your time, Mistress Rylee.

YES, you are a little dick fart, and weather or not you are slave is yet to be
determined. your little clitty of a dicklet is beyone disgusting. At least you know
your place now, on your knees sucking dick. It's only a matter of time before you
are facing the other way getting this bbc shoved up your ass. Tuck your little weeny
in your panties, and take what you deserve. I expect to hear from you SOON for
further instructions...we'll see just how far you will go, littledickfartslave.


he writes:

I always knew it was short but I thought that staying power and girth would
make up for it til one of my sister's friends gave me a pity fuck while drunk
and I came in her without her realising I'd started. My sister bursts out laughing
at the sight of me to this day.

O.M.G. this really cracked me up if it wasn't for the fact that his
FUCKING SISTER knew all about the pity fuck!! GROSS! I mean, who
does shit like that?? Did she watch, too? icky enough for us to have
to look at this disgusting hairy shriveled up clit but his sister?? I
guess we know why she laughs, if her friend told her how puny her
brother's clitty was, I guess I would laugh, too. And HEY have you
heard of MANSCAPING that shit?? It looks like a clit so you might as
well shave it up and tuck it away, do us all a favor...keep it tucked in!


It's been 4 years since I've had sex. The last time I did I went soft inside her
pussy and couldn't get hard again. After that I stumbled upon some
sissy hypno videos. Since then I've bought panties, dresses, stockings,
bras, and heels. I still find women attractive, but I can't get hard for
them anymore. Not that any of them would wanna be with me anyway.
It turns me on so much to hear girls tell me I have a "baby dick."

OMG. yes, you have a baby dick - say it with me girls!!! "BABY DICK"!!!
And eeewwww, body fluids in picture #1, how disgusting! The thigh-
high stockings are kind of cute though...ON A WOMAN!!! I can see why
no woman would want to be with you natalie, I mean how did you ever
get this lump hard to get IN her??? I have no idea, and she probably
would never let you near her again LOL!! Keep it IN the panties, please!


OK, I could not fucking stop laughing at this picture!! All I could think
of was a little mushroom in my backyard hehehe. This little dicky boi
has not called Mistress yet, but I sure hope he does so I can laugh at
him and his lil dicklette! It's barely big enough to jack off! Talk about
short strokes lol! I'm guessing that this is the "hard" version of this
clitty, such a tiny little nubbin. Please, sissyboi, call me so we can
discuss why you should never take this thing out of your pants again!!


Hi Princess Rylee!

First off, you are beautiful! I would love to be your sissy pindick cuck!

LOL that's what I love to hear!!

LOL! yet another pinky pecker, how cute! WOW, he has to actually
stretch that little thang to get it in the picture hahaha!!! Here is his
email to me, can you get any more pathetic?!!

I used to be in denial about having an inadequate cock size until
i was first cucked for 3 months by a former gf. She made me realize how
I am less than a real man and should be pantied, cucked, humiliated, and
locked up as a reminder of my place in life which is to be on my knees
to amuse and serve a superior Princes like you Princess Rylee and your
superior alpha males with real cocks. Not only does the world need to
see my pathetic excuse for a cock but I need to also serve and amuse
you if allowed as you are perfect Princess!

Your pindick loser....


"beta male" - bows to the superior Woman like Me!!

this little excure for a weenier - and this is HARD, can you imagine??
Girls, I know that you're getting a good laugh right now, can you just
picture meeting this guy at the club and finding THIS in his panties??
LMAO! Good thing that johnny knows his place, he thanked me very
politely for letting him PAY ME to put his image on my website, good boy.

Well, at least he dresses the part LMAO!! Seems to have a thing for
bows, and comparing his lil clitty to what is a rather medium size
dildo, c'mon, his little button might as well be pushed inward to be
the pussy it resembles! stay on your knees johnny, and remember that
you are the beta male, small and weak, with a pinky pecker!!!

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