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gets interesting when the whole world can see it! (Hmmm, there is a real
possibility of blackmail in here somewhere, I can just see it!). Anyway, enjoy
the tiny cocklettes here, and remember, it's going to cost you $14.99 through
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Here's how it's going to work. First time peckers get their picture at
the top, as usual. Each time I add an image, the last one goes to the
second page. Click the button below to get back to the top of page
one, it's that simple. BUT, remember, I'm not guaranteeing how long
you'll stay there...depends on how the other losers like it on page 2...
NEW! Page 2 was getting way too clogged up with little dickies, so the
next 20 will go on page 2, the rest of the losers will be shown on page 3.



OK, I could not fucking stop laughing at this picture!! All I could think
of was a little mushroom in my backyard hehehe. This little dicky boi
has not called Mistress yet, but I sure hope he does so I can laugh at
him and his lil dicklette! It's barely big enough to jack off! Talk about
short strokes lol! I'm guessing that this is the "hard" version of this
clitty, such a tiny little nubbin. Please, sissyboi, call me so we can
discuss why you should never take this thing out of your pants again!!


here is this little teeny weenie...jocko!! Didn't really need the ruler,
I can see that it's STUBBY and YUCKY!! Hairy, gross...UGH :(( I have not
talked to jocko yet, I'm supposed to be checking out this weewee on his
cam, he has not called yet. Not sure if I'll be able to watch without barfing,
but of course I'll be making money so that will take some of the sting out
of it hehehe. Anyway, can't wait to hear from you jocko pinky dick.


we have not heard from shawna in quite some time...

wow. talk about a dudette seeking attention. I cannot believe
this sissy!! This is a site for SMALL DICKIES, not a sissy website!
BUT, since (s)he did pay me, I'll give some exposure. What is it
about BOYS that want to be GURLS!? so fucking insane, maybe
(s)he didn't get enough love growing up and was made to believe
that (s)he's useless lol, no clue. BUT, here goes: shawna, you are
beyond useless, you need to go to the glory hole like you said
you want to and suck cock all day long, get that thick jizz all
over your face, in your hair and all over that fucking mascara,
then turn around and get fucked up the ass all night. Maybe you
would get it thru your head that you really are just a mouth and
a hole, nothing more. I'm sure there are a lot of REAL MEN that
would be glad to shove their cocks into those red lips lol!! You
are destined to be nothing but a piece of meat, allowing yourself
to be degraded and used, and it's fitting. I hope that some of the
REAL MEN looking at these pictures (not sure that they wouldn't
gag first tho) will use your email address and hook up with you
to use and abuse you, it's what you deserve dressing up like a
two cent hooker like you do, a fucking riot. Good luck getting cock!

ok, after I posted this I realized that I had heard and seen pics of
sissyshawna on here before and I was right, but (s)he's gone from
being an ugly black haired sissy to a blonde bimbo. here are pics
from her original posting here on


Dear Princess Rylee,

This is my submission to pinky pecker. I know its a pinky pecker. It doesn't
satisfy even with a small tight pussy cuz it grips my pinky pecker and
makes it cum fast. This is pics of it small after i blew fast and when hard.
I know it won't satisfy princess rylee. Your pussy is too good for it.

Pinky Pecker Rob

so here it is....rob's pinky pecker. so cute, it's trying so hard to look
like a man's dick LMAO!!! I can just hear it saying "hey look at me!"
but sadly, you're right rob, that would in NO way NO how satisfy me.
I mean, yes, I have a really tight pussy, so if it DID go in, I'm sure it
would spurt within seconds. I would never know, however. And yes,
my pussy is WAY too good for it, but since you paid me $14.99, I will
show it off for you. keep dreaming of tight pussies, rob LOL!!!

I'm assuming this happened after looking at my pictures ;))

pinky pecker without a name.

*$&%( HAS PAID $19.99 for TOP SPOT!
AND #(%$&* paid $20 yesterday (12-31-12)
to add more pics & go to #1
Paid again on 3/22 ;) and again on 9/30
*&%$#() paid $20 again 7/22/14 :)
another $20 11/7 :) cha-ching

new pictures:

what the fuck $*%&$( all your pics look the same LMAO, but yes, I will
put you back to #1. I have to tell my viewers that this pinky pecker does
not want his name or his Niteflirt name mentioned here, well I guess I
would be totally embarassed to have my name associated with this creepy
looking weiner too. So from now on he will be known as #*$&#(( or whatev.

OK, here are some new pics of $*%&(...much like the old ones, very
icky :(( I just took over this website and I have to say, I've never been
so grossed out. This looks like a baby elephants trunk, or an aardvarks
nose or something. I can never understand why a guy would go uncut
like that, it's horrifying! It's like a twisted up little sausage, a gross little
hunk of useless meat. Seriously $*%&$(*&, its no wonder you need to call the
girls on Niteflirt, any girl would run screaming if she saw something
like this, seriously. I showed these pics to a few of my friends, and they
all said the same thing: WHAT THE FUCK. You should not subject girls
to this sorry excuse for a dicklette...its a really mean thing to do :(( !!!

OK *$%&($&...what the FUCK kind of creepy looking dicklet
is this??? I mean - if I went out with you (which I would never
do), and we went back to your place, there would not be
enough tequila to get me to look at that disgusting thing!
Did you slam it in a door when you were a kid? Did you jerk
it so much that it turned to mush?? It looks like something
you'd see in a horror movie LOL LOL!!! Keep it in your pants
*$%&($&, dont' ever bring it out AGAIN - icky icky!!! LOL!!!

So...things are no better for $*%&(*$&%, not sure if anyone has tried to
"friend" him on facebook, but hey, if you do he may send you more pics
of his DISGUSTING pinky pecker little dick!! I wouldn't touch that thing
with a ten-foot pole myself! It's icky, even when it's "hard"...keep it buttoned
up $*%($&% - don't try to make girls look at it, and call me for humiliation ;)

this is the only "new" picture, LMFAO!! Shaved TIGHT!!

why the hell is it so strange looking?? I mean, it's kind of fat in the
middle, really shriveled up and wrinkley balls...just gross! I hope that
someone is looking up this little dicky on facebook and telling him just
how disgusting and pukey this disfigured thing is...I would not touch it
with a ten foot pole...if I was on a date with him and he pulled this thing
out I would run screaming -'s really fucked up.

$*%&($*& used to have his facebook info on here, but he's found that
when he googles his name pinky peckers comes up LOL!

I wouldn't touch that yucky nasty thing
with a ten-foot pole myself! It's icky, even when it's "hard"...keep it buttoned
up $*%&$(& - don't try to make girls look at it, and call me for humiliation ;)

OMFG...what a squirrley little pinky pecker :-( RUN GIRLS!!!!
it looks like a cuban cigar gone bad, and that foreskin!! I have
NEVER been a fan, go get that shit cut off $*%&$(&, it's GROSS!!!

NOW...the one on the right is a tad bigger than most of the *hard*
weiners on this site, but still pretty puny. He must have gotten it hard
looking at pix of *ME* me sometime and whack it, $*%&($&%...I'll
tell you in person what a pinky pecker you have. I hope all my loyal
followers will enjoy laughing at these pictures, and I hope that one of
my pinky peckers send money to go above you to #1 so your puny little
punky shriveled up weenie will go to the bottom of the page ASAP :-))

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