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kind of humiliation, it's different when only I have your picture, but it REALLY
gets interesting when the whole world can see it! (Hmmm, there is a real
possibility of blackmail in here somewhere, I can just see it!). Anyway, enjoy
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Here's how it's going to work. First time peckers get their picture at
the top, as usual. Each time I add an image, the last one goes to the
second page. Click the button below to get back to the top of page
one, it's that simple. BUT, remember, I'm not guaranteeing how long
you'll stay there...depends on how the other losers like it on page 2...
NEW! Page 2 was getting way too clogged up with little dickies, so the
next 20 will go on page 2, the rest of the losers will be shown on page 3.


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"Oh my, my. Just look who I talked into becoming a pinky pecker
my site. *giggles*See it? He is so tiny and sorta cute in ya know little
bitty sort of way! LOL

I know this is a SPH site and I am in rare form being so nice about it but he
has been such a good boi for me!

Though he is not a fan of being to harshly teased and would much rather
please his Princess Rylee. So, to show his true devotion and against his better judgement,
he did this all for me. I have to give him big props for this y'all! Awwww what a sweetie!
He really is super sweet and learning the ways of submission.
I will continue to train this one who knows what he might end up doing for Princess!


ok, what the fuck is this?? is there supposed to be a penis somewhere in these
pictures?! lmao cuz I don't see one...oh wait there it is haha. It's good that it's
locked up for sure, and should never be released in my opinion. This guy is 24,
loves being fucked in the ass, lets trannies fuck him in the ass, and says he can
take a fucked up do you have to be jeezus. It's a good thing he likes
it up the ass and to be used and abused by me, cuz that little dicky isn't going any-
where that resembles a pussy of that I'm sure. I didn't really want to post the pic
below - it's just funny how little he really is, but I don't like another woman's
name on MY pinky pecker, he needs to send me a pic with RYLEE written on it,
if he does I will replace this picture, if not it's ok cuz I won't have to look at it.


ok, a little confusion here...asslicker has paid to go back to #1 from page 4,
which somehow had to be re-uploaded to my server, my apologies to anyone
who's been on page 4 or 5...they are back up now, and asslicker has sent some
new but hardly improved pics...I about spit out my coffee when I saw them...YUCK.

Here are the new pics: What do I think about the new pics?! <GAG>, honestly...what the hell
is that supposed to be? I mean it's BARELY peeking out of that nasty foreskin...
add all that hair, and fat belly, and OMFG. Now you see why it made me gag.
The 3rd pic must have been taken at another time cuz the belly is shaved and
the weiner, actually, looks bigger (I can't believe I'm saying that)...jeezus. Next
time he sends me pix like this it's gonna be a hefty tribue just to look at them.
I mean, a girl can only take so much right?? And I apologize to anyone that has
to look at them, in advance. Now, something new, he would like any feedback
to be sent to his email address, so if you can stop laughing long enough:

These are the older


LMFAO. doesn't even reach to the bottom of his balls lol! A little
manscaping would go a long way...but I guess all it would do is make that lil
dicky look smaller haha. I showed this to my friend Julia...she is still cracking up,
she said she would NEVER EVER let a guy that small touch her. And who could
blame her? Can you imagine trying to fuck that thing?! OMG, so pathetic. I'm not
sure if he has a girlfriend or wife or what, but pity her :(( PLEASE...if you're going
to try to get some spunk out of that thing, do it yourself, don't subject a poor
woman to it...keep it in your pants and just stay away from women. If you find
one that will touch it or fuck it, you're damn lucky and you should keep her LOL!!!
As for the rest of no no...keep it away. A sane woman would just laugh.


hahaha...I cannot stop laughing!! this little fattie is so fucking cute! It's pudgy,
and that hair...icky, looks like a spider web LOL!! BUT, jeffrey is so pumped to
be on my site, so here it is for all the world to see! He wants to be obedient, and
to please Miss Rylee, and that in itself is commendable, but I still would not let
him come within a half a mile of me with that thing. Of course I probably wouldn't
even know it's there anyway. Once it's tucked in his panties I'm sure nobody could
even detect a bump in his pants!!! LOL...cute, like maybe for a pet, but for sex?!?
NO WAY, NO HOW, NEVER NEVER will a woman want anything to do with it!!!

SORRY JEFFREY, it's a NO for that little stump.

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small penis humiliation page 2

small penis humiliation page 3

small penis humiliation page 4

small penis humiliation page 5

small penis humiliation phone sex index page

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