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gets interesting when the whole world can see it! (Hmmm, there is a real
possibility of blackmail in here somewhere, I can just see it!). Anyway, enjoy
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Here's how it's going to work. First time peckers get their picture at
the top, as usual. Each time I add an image, the last one goes to the
second page. Click the button below to get back to the top of page
one, it's that simple. BUT, remember, I'm not guaranteeing how long
you'll stay there...depends on how the other losers like it on page 2...
NEW! Page 2 was getting way too clogged up with little dickies, so the
next 20 will go on page 2, the rest of the losers will be shown on page 3.


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Jim 20


Hmmm, here is a new twist on the pinky pecker page.
These 2 want to be blackmailed by Princess Shannon,
so I've decided to put both their pics on here. This wanker
likes the idea of me showing his pinky pecker to the world,
and I guess she's in it for the thrill - ?? Of course, there
would not be much of a thrill looking at his dicklet, LOL

jim paid $20 to go back to #1...not sure if he was ever
blackmailed by Princess Shannon or not? Anyway, apparently
he got up the nerve to go back to #1 so everyone can see his
lil dicky...Maybe a new pic is in order with MY name on it?!?


now known as shawnasissy2016

- updated 3/11/17

we have not heard from shawna in quite some time...
starting this post from scratch, all new pics :)

shawna is back! LOL...more pitiful than ever, and now in a nice
chastity device...what the hell is it with all the chastity devices
this month!? I've gotten tons of emails about them lol. Anyway,
back to shawna. Teeny, tiny, not even sure it needs a device on it,
because who the hell would even want to look at it let alone touch
it? Well, besides her lol..maybe this will keep her grubby little hands
off it? The dildo up the ass is a nice touch I guess. The pierced belly
button is pretty sick, and not in a good way. But to each her own I
guess. She says shes mailed away the key, bravo for THAT lol.


(snapchat) b_green222 feel free to check him out LOL

Sent a couple new pics and paid $19.99 to go back to #1 :)

OK...this is more like it!!! I love to see lil dickies put in their place, and
that place is under lock and key :) I'm not sure who put him in this great
device, but my hat is off to her (or him). he is very lucky that I am not the
one with the key, because I would throw it into the nearest river LOL!! I
am proud of him knowing his place, and the way that his lil pecker deserves
to be displayed for all...if more lil dicky boys did this the world would be
a lot better off, and us girls would not have to look at those icky lil dickies!!! that thing supposed to be HARD?! I don't think I
could even grab onto it to jerk it hahaha!!! WTF would a woman
ever do with this? I mean it's kind of fat, but would need to be
3 times as long to do any good. I think the balls are longer than
the pecker, don't you?? As you can see in the 3rd picture, it's just
about big enough for a thumb and one finger, and probably does
not spurt out more than a thimbleful of cum if that. If I put my little
hand around it, it would disappear completely haha!!! Just pitiful,
I'm sorry you all had to look at it, but hey, he did PAY me for this :)


he writes:
Hi princess, ive been told that shaving my pubic hair will make my pee pee look
bigger. I think it still looks kind of small, and kind of like ive been wearing panties.
What do you think?

WELL, here's what I think: whoever told you that lied, it definitely does NOT make
your pee pee look bigger, that is not possible. We played a little game as to what I
would show in this post, if I thought it was disgustingly small I would post the whole
picture including his face. SO...I guess you know what I think. Even if you have not been
wearing panties, you really need to start, because that stub (I am guessing it's supposed
to be HARD), would fit purrrrfectly into a pair of pink satin panties. From now on when
you send me a picture, I want you in panties. YUCK and more YUCK, keep it in your
panties and stop scaring girls with it, it's just nasty and way undersize. Now you know.


OK what the FUCK is wrong with this pecker?!? Why is there a huge
lump in it? And why is this person standing out in their yard in the
snow snapping pix of it?! LMFAO!! Not only is it tiny, it's really the
strangest one I've seen in a long time. I hope he calls me so that he
can explain what the hell happened to it, looks like it was slammed
in a toilet seat or something :) Or maybe a girl smacked the crap out
of it or something, cuz that's what I'd do if he pulled down his pants
in front of ME haha...This one definitely needs to be kept under wraps.

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small penis humiliation page 2

small penis humiliation page 3

small penis humiliation page 4

small penis humiliation page 5

small penis humiliation phone sex index page

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