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gets interesting when the whole world can see it! (Hmmm, there is a real
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lildick9682 writes:

Hey miss rylee, here are my pinky pecker pics! As you can see I have a very
tiny peepee. Please don't refer to it as a dick because it's the farthest thing
honestly. My tiny tool makes me very insecure , and my sex life is non- existent.
As a result of this I loved to have my pinky dick humiliated . Please refer to it as
a b*by dick. That makes it shoot a tiny load, thanks for exposing me miss rylee!

OK, so....a sissy lil pecker boy does not want this abomination to be
called a "dick", but a b*bydick, well I won't use that word on my site,
don't want any more weirdos here than I already have. And if you don't
think it's a "dick", why is your name lildick? WTF get your shit together!
It really ISN'T a dick, but a stub, an unused, unwanted piece of flesh that
happens to be hanging between your legs. It definitely needs to be tucked
up (your balls won't get in the way don't worry...), and coverd up by a
pretty silky lacy pair of panties. It's no wonder your sex life is non-
existent, and I really don't care if you shoot a tiny load, I'm giving you
the facts straight up. I would think the fact that 1,000's of people on the
net will see your pathetic little stub will be enough to "get you off". LOL.


PAID $19.99 to go from page 5 to the #1 spot!

Here is his "new and improved" picture...

Now, this little dick pinky pecker boy says "it's REALLY actually 5" long"!!!!
ppppfffttt, whatev...I would not touch that thing with a 5 foot pole. Nasty
looking, and bare and wrinkly, it's really pretty gross. My friends will LOVE
the fact that he THINKS it's 5" long, which by the way is VERY SMALL, compared
to what my friends and I like to see in a COCK. Not little where you have to
work for a fuckin half hour to get the dicky even hard enough to jerk. BUT I'm
SO GLAD that you shared this picture, I KNOW that all my friends and all the
internet will get a big kick out of it, I can hear them laughing now LMAO!!!!

OK, here is a guy that's a lurker, looking looking but finally got
the nerve to post his pic - and he says "Words of wisdom? I don't think mine
is too small actually, is it?" Well, yeah, it's a pinky pecker, now you can
stop wondering. You're definately at the right site. It's ugly, of no use
to women, good for jacking between your thumb and forefinger only.
Look at the pin pricks on this site, and you fit in quite well, LOL.


He writes:

Hello Princess.

Attached are my pathetic manclit pics. I'm sending these to you to post because
my Mistress demamded that my pathetic dicklet deserves as much humiliation
as possible. It doesn't even get hard when i jerk it, but surprisingly it does shoot
a big load. Which of course i eat.

Thank you Princess.

OK, for starters, kind of pissed that I am not "his Mistress", but whatever.
I guess he paid the fee, so here he is. SO fucking pathetic, this little weiner
is like nothing. NOTHING. Like a 3rd testicle. Good for nothing LOL! My
friends are gonna LOVE this one...can't wait to send out the email to all
the pinky peckers at Niteflirt, they will feel SO BIG after seeing this spectacle.
And eats his adorable. I find it hard to believe that he gets anything
out of this little lump of flesh, don't you?? It doesn't get hard when he jerks it
because all you could really do with that thing is RUB it - but whatever...


paid $19.99 to go back to #1 and add a gross picture

and here is the newest pic:

Ummmm I thought this was going to be a pic of a pinky pecker,
but um where is it?! Is this like a "where's waldo" picture?! Where
you have to find the pecker?! LMFAO!!! When you're lying there in
bed loser, you must wonder if you're a boy or a girl haha! Yes, you
are meant to be a subbie, being made fun of by all my friends and
the whole internet, that is for certain. Why not shoot me a $20 tip
while you're at it, it's worth it for me to send a link to all my friends
so they can get a good laugh at your little dicky pics let the fun begin.

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. This shriveled up little wee-wee really
takes the cake. I don't even think there is anything in that piece of
loose flesh, all crinkly looking and stuff. Teeny balls (shocker), I
think the ball sack is bigger than the weenis. Again, john, keep it
in your pants, its totally grossing me out. Hope everyone that sees
it gets a laugh before they go puke hahaha...(I think I just threw up
a little in my mouth, ick)....put on some silky panties and hide it!!!

OMG, what fun I had with this little pussy pecker!! his name is john,
and he called today and with my special help, we turned his little pecker
into a little pussy LMAO!!! After all, it's about all it's good for, if I have a
strap on ready I could have fucked it hahaha...this little weenie is a total
waste of flesh if you ask me, john please keep that thing in your pants
and save it for your calls to me, we'll ALWAYS find something to do with it!


PAID $19.99 to go from page 4 to page 1!

YOGI69 is back on top with a brand new pic of his yucky little
weenie! So good to see that he's still available for our laughing
pleasure haha...I am going to email all my friends and make sure
they take a look at his new pathetic, pansy-ass, puny pecker pic:

I mean it's not even sticking out even a little LMAO!! His balls
are 3 times as big as his dicklette, and I guess he's comparing it
to a tube of lipstick? how creepy is that?! Anyway, welcome back
to the top you little dicked freak hahaha...can't wait to hear the laughs!

O-M-G....what a pinky pecker! This thing is just pitiful!! It looks
like it just lays there, dead. My girlfriends have all laughed their
asses off at this freak of nature, wishing they could slap it around
a little to see if it's alive LMAO!!! But wait, things get stranger:

I'm guessing some kind of chastity device or homemade shield?? LOL!
Not that he'll need it, cuz not sure of any woman I know that would
even get close to his little stumpy. He's yet to call me so I can find out
just what's going on in this picture, but at any rate, it's best to keep that
little pinky pecker under cover...nobody needs to see that thing!!! LOL!

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