LOL!!! of course you do!!! AND you love for me to
humiliate it and make fun of it and show it to the
whole world, now don't you!? Well, you're in the right
place for small penis humiliation, I do it through chat,
through phone at just have to join to
need is a valid credit card and to be over 18 years old.

small penis humiliation! It's such fun! On this page
I have the TOP FIVE little dicks, and on the next pages
you'll "see" even more of them, enjoy and get a laugh!!

My top five pinky peckers...check em out!!!:


nutbusting1 paid $20 to go back to #1

AND again on 11/10 :))


New pix added 11/10:

LOL he just can't get enough. The creepy pic on the left is just nasty lol
OMG so hairy you can hardly see his dicklett!!! I sent this pic to a couple
of my friends on a group chat, most of them sent back gag emojis LMAO!
He is doing SO GREAT at sperm eating lessons!!! He is slurping just like
a pro, he's the best one I've had so far :)) there's something to be proud
of!!! He's at EXPERT level, following my instructions to a T :) great job!!!
Can't wait for our next lesson, not sure if there is anything else I can teach
him at this point, but I still love to make him guzzle that cummmm!!!


SO, this little sperm eater has taken up a new habit for me...
CUM EATING lol! As if this little pecker isn't enough to be humilated
for, I've been training him to eat his own cum (what there is of it)
slurp slurp little nutbuster, you've been doing great, lots more fun
to "cum" I'm sure. I love this training, not sure how he's getting a lot
of spermy cum out of it, and to think about him jerking it is a real
stretch I will grant you that...but somehow he does manage. When
I tell all my friends about it, they just GAG thinking about it, and
they really do ask me how he'd get more than a thimbleful of cum
out of this pathetic pecker...who knows, maybe I should make him
save it up for a week then eat it all at once, what do you think!?!

lmfao!!!! this "almost" pecker is the shrimpiest thing ever!!! I mean, it's
"almost" poking out, not as big as the little nuts even!! hairy,'s
like a little button dicklette hahaha!!! This lil pecker boy also loves to
jerk and "squirt", into his MOUTH ewwww. Here is another pic, try not
to gag when you look at it, I know I DID...threw up in my mouth a little...

yeah, he loves to chat with me on NiteFlirt about this lil thang, and now
that I've actually seen pix of it, um...yeah. it's pitiful with a capital P!!!!
No need to "hide" it from the girls, they wouldn't see it anyway!!!!

Ambers Little Pecker Boy
updated again on 8/19!!
updated again on 10/2

(formerly knows as little_pecker11)

So......some new pix of my "little" friend:

UPDATED 10/ pix, same old nasty looking little dick.
he's wearing high wasted nasty panties...probably stained in the
back or maybe under the "balls" little pecker boy wants
to be front and center, the "face" of pinkypeckers lol ~ he loves the
attention, loves it when I make fun of him :) which works out well for
me :) My girlfriends just love my humiliation of this little mushroom
head wee wee, I was sure to send them all these pics in an email, and
even some of the guys we hang out with so they could get a good laugh
at them too!! pitiful, stubby, chubby, gross little nub of flesh hahahah

he desribes it as a "little mushroom head", and omg yes, exactly!!
quite the celebrity he's becoming ~ I email all my friends when I
do an update, and they really look forward to it hahaha...especially
since he's named himself Ambers Little Pecker Boy LOL! he's all mine,
to make fun of, to laugh at, to show off to all my friends :)) They don't
even believe a "man" could have a dicky this small. They ponder on
what could be done with it, and always come up with NOTHING. My
guy friends say they would be SO FUCKING ASHAMED if their dicks
were this small, they wouldn't even TRY to date a girl, let alone show
it off in public!! They would keep it in their pants, and just let it die lol.

OMG. what a shriveled up piece of useless flesh. Nasty hairy
no balls, what else could this icky thing be used for except to
make everyone LAUGH!? Now, this boy wanted me to go through
a whole bunch of horseshit - post the pics while he was on the
phone with me, but LOOK...I charged him x-tra and he pretty much
ignored it, so I'm just posting the pictures now, he can see them
when he sees them. I showed 2 of my friends already, and they
about GAGGED looking at it. The pic below shows about how much
he loves having a pecker this small...even he can't stand it LMAO!!!

yes, that is a cigar cutter. thats about how small it is. Ugly, puny,
hopefully I will never have to look at it again, I mean, it's totally
useless, might as well be a faggot, cuz no girl would feel that thing.

updated with new pics on 9/28

Some new info on his own words:

My name is William, I am a loser, I have long been bullied by girls and I'm too much
of a pussy to do anything about it, I have been repeatedly bullied and dominated
into doing the most degrading forms of submission including: sucking Big Black Cocks
and licking the assholes of Superior Black Men; being used as a fart slave; being
exposed publicly and especially on Twitter; I've even been bullied into eating shit
(most recently due to my mistake of voting for Trump which many women decided
to use as reason to turn me into a shit eating toilet via the mail although in person has happened too)
and yes, there are pictures to prove it and some were even posted online to humiliate me...
Not sure what else to say... I've been beat down by women before, literally...
I'm just a loser and I understand that I can't escape that fact.

OMG what else can I say!?? sooooooo fucking pathetic!!! and yes,
I can say I'm SO disappointed he voted for a clown for president,
but I love that the other women are making him do degrading things
because of it haha. LOVE IT. So here you are william, in all your itty
bitty glory. Next time I want some pics sent with you sucking BBC
and getting a facefull of cum so that I can sell them to my other
customers - they would absolutely LOVE it. Let's plan on that!??

OMFG...I had to blow up this picture to see this little dicky! What the hell happened to it! This is not a small dude, but omg. No wonder he needs to be a fart slave because that's the closest that he would ever get to ME or any of the girls I know. If he doesn't wear panties I'd like to know why...he couldn't even tuck it in LOL!! So funny can't wait till he calls so I can properly humiliate his little weenie even more. My girlfriends cannot believe what they (didn't) see when I showed them this picture, please keep it in your pants!!!!


LMAO at this little "doorknob dicky" teeny I can barely see it!
He is good for wearing panties and jerking off for me, but I'm not
really sure how he got ahold of it to jerk friends are going
to LOVE this one, especially when I tell them how I can get him to do
things for me, like wearing the panties and jerking that lil piece of
"man" meat it!! It's so small he calls it a "B*by dick", but
weenie would be more like it. Here is another pic to gross you out:

BUT, he is a lot of fun when he calls (hopefully again soon), I love
to boss around lil weenie boys, so it's all good...thanks doorknob dicky!!


yogi has paid the $19.99 fee to return to #1 :)
and again on 8/'s more....

LMFAO!!! yogi...omg. YES, way too small for any girl to pick so I
see you've found your glory here on pinkypeckers! I mean c'mon
every time I see it - it's gets smaller haha (didn't think that was
even possible!!!) this sissy CLIT is the most feminine, useless piece
of flesh I've seen lately, but he LOVES IT! I actually sent this to a few
of my friends, and they sent it to some of their friends, and everyone
just raves about how "cute" it is haha, that can't be a good thing for
a "man", but he just rolls with the punches lol. thanks for the downright
disgusting picture always, my advice is keep it in your panties.

OH MY FREAKIN LORD...hahahaha!!!! It's like the groundhog peeking
out to see his shadow LOL!! When I showed these pics to my girlfriends
they rolled on the floor :))) that pic on the right, if I didn't know any
better I'd swear that was a chick haha! that lil bump isn't even worth
looking at, let alone touching. Just disgraceful don't you think? I don't
even have to tell him to tuck it in and put panties on, that's kind of
taken care of already. I swear if I took a guy home and he pulled down
his pants and I saw this I would probably punch him in the face LOL!!!

now...if you have not had enough laughs, you can check out
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