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small penis humiliation! It's such fun! On this page
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you'll "see" even more of them, enjoy and get a laugh!!

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My top five pinky peckers...check em out!!!:



OMG!!! What a great way to start my week!! I wake up to this message and get to add yet
another itty bitty pinky pecker to my wall of shame. LMAO!!! You GOTTA see this one!!!

"TUCKED" lol!!!

You gotta admit this sissy seems to be a total natural when it comes to being well...NOT a real man.
Natural born sissy all smooth with a naturally tiny, little clit. I mean come on talk about "tucking".
hahaha! Tucking what? Nothing to tuck in my opinion and as you can see by the photo that little
thingie is completely hidden. My friend Jasmine thought it was a girl with no breasts LOL!!

So happy at least this sissy seems to know his place and has realized there is zero chance of ever
being a "man". How can you be without a real dick? LOL Yeah, definitely belongs at the top in the #1
spot here. So give a warm welcum to sisislim21and enjoy reading his words of embarrassment
below in his email to me.

Hi Rylee, I sent my pinky peckers payment and want to send my three pictures.
I'm super embarrassed but I've finally gotten the sissy courage to send my tiny penis pics.

I included a tucked pic as well since I'm so tiny it might as well not be there.


paid to go back to #1

HAHAHA!!! He claims that being on has made his lil
pecker even smaller, and he wanted to show it off!! And why not! In these
new pictures, I think he may be smaller IF THAT IS POSSIBLE!!! friend
Jinell could not stop laughing, and agreed that he may be even smaller! He is
also now "snackin" on his cum as a COMFORT FOOD lmao!! ewwww so gross!!!

Here are his new pics

OMG!! OK, so check out this micro worm of a dicklette. LMFAO!! Like, are you serious?
Not even an inch? Short of 1 friggin inch how much smaller can you even be?!?
I am still laughing so hard at his shrimp nub. I am almost beyond words
and trust me that is hard to do! I sent these pics
to like 10 of my friends and they could not believe their eyes!! In face, when
I sent to Cassie she saidshe needed to go wash her eyes out with bleach
ahahahaha!!!! When I showed them to Jason he waslike - what dick?!?! I
thought you said you wanted me to look at some fag's dick? LOL!!!

This jack off boy has confessed his love for eating his pre-cum and wants to more.
I'm thinking how much can that little guy even spurt out, right? I mean really
may as well give up the idea of ever
having sex with a woman, put on a pair of panties and beg to be cucked.
Because yeah dude that's all you can hope for.

Itty- bitty- tiny- pinky pecker and simply pathetic! Ewwwwwww!!! Disgusts
me for real. I think we can all agree he deserves the #1 spot least for now!!! LOL

a.k.a. Jessie Espiritu

*see below*

(S)he claims:

"Dominas initiated me into feminization after seeing my "clitty".
All my boxer shorts were burned in front of me and replaced with lace trimmed panties.
Also ordered on female hormones after making me orally please multiple anonymous
men at gloryholes dressed as a cheap whore. Ordered to savor and swirl the
semen before swallowing and forbidden to date women. I broke my promise
so I'm ordered to have my pictures on pinky peckers for all women to
see that I'm a tiny dicked cocksucking sissy."

Although this cocksucker presents as a sissy jizz guzzler, (s)he does
have a very small pinky pecker so here (s)he is. With a penis like this one
it's no wonder the dommes got ahold of him. I don't think it took much
coaxing to suck cock and guzzle jizz, with a tiny micro dick like this one
what else would you do? (S)he is forbidden to date women? LMFAO!!! Who
would want to date her/him?? I think this was his/her destiny all along LOL!!!

so.....we have subsissyemily here, who has been on pinkypeckers
awhile now, under different names, these are new pics. Her Domina
thinks that, since hormone therapy her clitty is even a bit smaller, what
do you think??? Either way, good to have her back at #1! ALSO, she
would love you to check her out on, username subsissyemily!

enjoy the new pics of her!!!


um....YEAH you got a little one LMAO!!! I've been showing these pics to
all of my friends, they've been showing them to all of their friends, and....
he wants to know how high he is on the laughter scale?! Well, take a look:

what do you think? How high?? LMAO, VERY HIGH!!! This little pecker is
barely peeking out, I'm not even sure it COULD get hard, and then what??
What in the world could he do with it?? I mean, each of his little balls are
as big as the pecker! Not really sure how he could even jerk it off, I mean
it would be like more of a "rub one out", LITERALLY!! I think that panties
would contain this lil clitty perfectly!! My friend Kate described it perfectly
when she said it looks like a little button that needs to be pushed LMAO!!!

Can't wait to talk to him, hopefully he will call today for hot humiliation!!


paid $19.99 to go back to #1 :)

Well, well, well. Lookie what we have here..or should I say squint to see what
we have here LMFAO!!! LIke, it totally must be the season for my itty bitty
Pinky's to want further humiliation and exposure! Yet another one has paid
to get moved into the #1 spot!! Fine by me because as most of you know by
now I LOVE to keep you little prick bitch boi's in your place where you belong.

So, yeah here he is again with some updated pics of that seriously inadequate,
clit stick! As always it's my sheer pleasure to tease you guys so give me a
call and let me properly humiliate and giggle at you!

Oh, and check out my pinky's humiliating confessions below.
I just simply had to share!

"It has meant so much to me to see the pictures of my petite "pinky pecker"
on Miss Rylee's site. I love having a way to honor and serve her at a distance
and, obviously, I totally belong as a "pinky pecker." No woman has ever
wanted to sleep with me a second time and I am sure it is because I am
so poorly endowed". Here's another new picture of this whimpy clit!!

OMG!!! Check out my newest little, itty bitty, teenie weenie!!! LMFAO!!!!
I haven't even got to properly tease and humiliate this inadequate dicklette yet
but just wait until I do! He deserved a good shaming by yours truly don't ya think?

Ok like when I opened up his pics I could not stop laughing. At first I was
like "What the hell?" I mean I seriously had to take a second look. It's just so
ya know short! haha and pathetic looking. Wow. You little guys never
cease to amuse me. Wondering what the WD40 is for in the pic above LOL!?

Can we say panty bitch? No wonder he goes by Pantied1 on NF.
Yeah, that little clit stick deserves to be in pantes 24/7.

More pics below of my newest pinky pecker!!!!


now...if you have not had enough laughs, you can check out
more pages of pinky peckers and my small penis humiliation
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