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you'll "see" even more of them, enjoy and get a laugh!!

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My top five pinky peckers...check em out!!!:


Well, well, well what do we have here? Another tiny, pathetic dicklette
of a prick to be exposed on my pinky pecker Wall of Shame! hahaha!

So, yeah I like literally choked from laughing so hard at this one.
Littledickbitch named himself here on NF knowing how tiny and disgusting his
insignificant nub is!!! Awww just look at it I mean if you squint really hard you
will see this like nipple thing popping out of his pants, right? I'm like
OMG you have got to be kidding me!

He is at least a good tiny wormed subbie for me, buys my hot videos and
sexy pictures to watch when he calls and begs me to finger his clit. Yeah,
I said it...his clit. And also grovels on his knees to be completely
humiliated for his lack of manhood.

So, with pleausre here he is my newest pinky pecker!!
Welcome to your new home littledickbitch.

anita dick

OK, this is little pecker is anita dick LMAO nice play on words, especially
since he didn't really realize that girls would make fun of his willie and
would make him suck cock for their amusement HAHA!!! But really? I mean
how would you not have a clue that girls would laugh? But anyway, he's not
really sure WHY he needs all the girls to see his pix, he KNOWS they will
laugh, but here we are. I hope to actually talk to him soon so that I can
explain how much girls HATE little shriveled up dicklettes :) LOL

Here are a couple updated pics of my pinky Anita

some things never change haha! this lil pecker I think only gets
smaller and smaller each time I see it, and all of my friends agree.
My friend Jason said it looks like the dicklette of a shriveled up
old man, he about threw up in his mouth. He showed it to his friends
and they all about gagged. BUT the girls thought it was SOOOO cute,
so there ya go. YES, they laughed and made fun of it, but who wouldn't!?

LOL such a cute lil pecker!!! Paid $19.99 to go back to the #1 spot, love it!!

panty boy 9

"I can't get a date."

Really. That's what he said in his email. WELL, have you looked
at this picture!! It's no wonder! And if you DID get one, it would be
the last LMAO!! Women don't want to deal with this shit, a little button
playing hide and seek, what the hell good it that??? I mean, it looks like
3 testicals, honestly. and the one on top is the smallest. I wonder, if it
ever happened, how big it would be hard. Would it actually stick out
past that nasty scrotum? I feel like I want to take my finger and see
how far I can push it in LOL!!! My friend Stacy said the same thing haha!
well, I'll be waiting for a nice long call from panty boy to discuss!!


Are you like serious right now? I'm soooooo laughing my ass over here!!!
What is that even??? When sissy Katrina sent me these pics begging to be shamed on
my site, I was like SHOCKED at the MINUTENESS of it. LMFAO

O.k. yes I have a lot of pinky pecker itty dickie bitches here with little or nothing to
show but this? OMG this is a new level of total inverted nothingness! OMG ummm
yeah that is like a gross micro mini worm peeking out of like I don't even know!
Never. Nada. Yuck!!!!!! OMG we need to do a call, are you even for real!?!?


Finally talked this one into adding his pathetic,disgusting, minuscule
thingie to my website aka wall of shame for tiny dick losers!!!

So, yeah just look at it hahaha yeah you gotta squint... I mean are you serious??
What the hell is that? LMFAO!!! It like hides away even. What a sad, deficient mini
worm of a pecker! YUCK!! Definitely deserves a place here and believe me he knows
how I feel about it. Of course, he has never had sex with a woman and sucks cock willingly.

Can't wait to shame him more when he calls me again on NF-


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