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small penis humiliation! It's such fun! On this page
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you'll "see" even more of them, enjoy and get a laugh!!

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My top five pinky peckers...check em out!!!:



paid $19.99 to go back to #1 :)

Well, well, well. Lookie what we have here..or should I say squint to see what
we have here LMFAO!!! LIke, it totally must be the season for my itty bitty
Pinky's to want further humiliation and exposure! Yet another one has paid
to get moved into the #1 spot!! Fine by me because as most of you know by
now I LOVE to keep you little prick bitch boi's in your place where you belong.

So, yeah here he is again with some updated pics of that seriously inadequate,
clit stick! As always it's my sheer pleasure to tease you guys so give me a
call and let me properly humiliate and giggle at you!

Oh, and check out my pinky's humiliating confessions below.
I just simply had to share!

"It has meant so much to me to see the pictures of my petite "pinky pecker"
on Miss Rylee's site. I love having a way to honor and serve her at a distance
and, obviously, I totally belong as a "pinky pecker." No woman has ever
wanted to sleep with me a second time and I am sure it is because I am
so poorly endowed". Here's another new picture of this whimpy clit!!

OMG!!! Check out my newest little, itty bitty, teenie weenie!!! LMFAO!!!!
I haven't even got to properly tease and humiliate this inadequate dicklette yet
but just wait until I do! He deserved a good shaming by yours truly don't ya think?

Ok like when I opened up his pics I could not stop laughing. At first I was
like "What the hell?" I mean I seriously had to take a second look. It's just so
ya know short! haha and pathetic looking. Wow. You little guys never
cease to amuse me. Wondering what the WD40 is for in the pic above LOL!?

Can we say panty bitch? No wonder he goes by Pantied1 on NF.
Yeah, that little clit stick deserves to be in pantes 24/7.

More pics below of my newest pinky pecker!!!!



paid $19.99 to go back to #1

Well, to me the picture he sent looks the same but I will post
it anyway, along with some new remarks about this unremarkable pecker!

Well, here we go yet another tiny, useless, prick loser has begged and paid his
Princess to move him back to the #1 spot on Pinky's. LMFAO!!!!!!
He actually called and whimpered, whined and confessed some super humiliating
things to me. Of course, you guys know me and my feelings on sharing. Sharing
is caring after all and my PInkies get exposed here as I see fit!!!! His ex-girlfriend
actually goes to this site to humiliate him even still which makes me so very, very happy!

So, get this, his ex -girlfriends, (real man, real cock by the way) ex boyfriend
has moved in with him. Yep, roommates! I don't think it takes much to figure
out who is the alpha of this house. Can you imagine a total stud, domme type
guy now rooming with an itty, bitty, inverted, beta bitch and in this unique
but hilarious situation?

If only I could see a life in the day, oh my how entertaining it must be!
I'm sure like the comparison between a little bitch boi and real man with a real
cock is obvious on a daily basis. Just look at his picture I mean come on!!! It's
like ewwww what the hell? Inverted nipple, worthless, useless, no where close to a dick. haha!

Super happy to re-connect with this pinky and make certain he remembers his place!!!

Been trying to talk this little,pathetic excuse of a dick having a guy into joining
my website for awhile now! Much to my pleasant surprise, look who calls and sends
his mini- shrimp pic for me to humiliate him while we chat. OMG!!!! No, ya'll
for real, his shriveled, introverted nub is just so gross and I told him so. Seriously,
EWWWWWWW!!!!!! Just when I think I have seen it all along comes a new pinky pecker
for me to laugh my ass off at. Oh, and don't forget I always share this with my besties.
They get a good laugh also!!

Anyways, he told me a story that I simply must share about going to a party only to
be totally pantsed by a hottie. LMFAO!! Pinky boi says he was instructed to "jerk off"
in front of everyone. But I had to stop him right there. Jerk off? With what? I mean
that tiny, wrinkled clit? How? I mean come on guys with real cocks jerk off,
pinky peckers finger and rub.

The thing is he likes the teasing and humiliation just like my other pinkies do.
In fact he craves it. And even though he whimpered and whined when I called him
out about his severe lack of manhood here he is for all the world to see.
Just don't squint too hard! LOL

miss ronnie limpklit thorne

Always a fun and kinky day when I get to add a new pinky pecker to my site!
Say hello to Miss Ronnie. LMFAO!!!!!

As you can tell from the pics this tiny, clit stick sissy knows her place.
I mean I laughed so hard when I saw that itty, bitty, clitty with the ribbon around it!
haha! Yeah, I'm sorry but that ridiculous excuse of a dickie could never,
ever satisfy a woman.


The thing is Miss Ronnie is a lifestyle sissy slut. Has been very well trained,
stays completely shaven smooth everywhere, wears panties daily and even
did a man "underwear purge" and keeps up with mani/pedis. hahaha!

Miss Ronnie wanted me to mention how she dreams of being pimped out by
a Mistress to service all kinds of alpha cock and in the most naughty ways.

LOL yep, total SLUT.

I'm just getting to know this new pinky pecker slut but am loving it already.

dizzy paid $19.99 to go back to #1 woooooo!!!!
AND once again paid to go back to #1 8/22

AND of course graced us with some new pics, see them below:

OK things are looking even worse for our dizzy boy...I mean these
pics are unbelievable!! The one pic looks like a little turtle between
a bunch of rocks (my friend Maddy said that LMAO)...and now he's got
a disgusting pimple on it, even more gross!! I just love the way he puts
himself out there for humiliation though, what a sport! Just last night I
was at the bar for a bit and put my website URL on a some napkins and
spread them around, so there will be lots more lookers and laughers, I
think they will really appreciate this micro dicklette LMAO!!! Thanks dizzy.

Finally talked this one into adding his pathetic,disgusting, minuscule
thingie to my website aka wall of shame for tiny dick losers!!!

So, yeah just look at it hahaha yeah you gotta squint... I mean are you serious??
What the hell is that? LMFAO!!! It like hides away even. What a sad, deficient mini
worm of a pecker! YUCK!! Definitely deserves a place here and believe me he knows
how I feel about it. Of course, he has never had sex with a woman and sucks cock willingly.

UPDATE PICS!!! NOW....he says BOTH of these pics are him:

LMAO!! How can this be!? it's like the groundhog came out of
his hole hahahaha!!! My friends are gonna LOVE this shit ~ I bet not
one of them believes it! BUT, it IS pretty red, looks like he's been
beating it like someone that dissed his non-existent girlfriend LOL!!!

Can't wait to shame him more when he calls me again on NF-



Ever heard the phrase "never judge a book by it's cover" LMFAO!!!! Well, it could
not be more correct in this case. Check out my small penis boi hahaha if you wanna
call that a penis. He's actually 6 1/2 feet tall with huge feet so what gives?
Looks like the dick fairy skipped out big time.

He confessed to me that many women have assumed he has a big,
nice cock because of his height and yes the big feet. Sorry ladies "big feet big dick"
does not apply with this little pinky pecker. It's just so odd, tiny and out of place.
I mean ewwwww look at the side angle. Is that a nipple? WTH is it? hahaha Seriously
just hilarious. Oh, he also admitted to me that the humiliation, teasing, shock from
women when they realize he has such a little one turns him on. A bit of an exhibitionist
this pinky is, he LOVES to show it off! And you know me I LOVE exposing him
for the tiny dicklette bitch he is!!! More pics...



now...if you have not had enough laughs, you can check out
more pages of pinky peckers and my small penis humiliation
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