LOL!!! of course you do!!! AND you love for me to
humiliate it and make fun of it and show it to the
whole world, now don't you!? Well, you're in the right
place for small penis humiliation, I do it through chat,
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small penis humiliation! It's such fun! On this page
I have the TOP FIVE little dicks, and on the next pages
you'll "see" even more of them, enjoy and get a laugh!!

My top five pinky peckers...check em out!!!:


OMG. what a shriveled up piece of useless flesh. Nasty hairy
no balls, what else could this icky thing be used for except to
make everyone LAUGH!? Now, this boy wanted me to go through
a whole bunch of horseshit - post the pics while he was on the
phone with me, but LOOK...I charged him x-tra and he pretty much
ignored it, so I'm just posting the pictures now, he can see them
when he sees them. I showed 2 of my friends already, and they
about GAGGED looking at it. The pic below shows about how much
he loves having a pecker this small...even he can't stand it LMAO!!!

yes, that is a cigar cutter. thats about how small it is. Ugly, puny,
hopefully I will never have to look at it again, I mean, it's totally
useless, might as well be a faggot, cuz no girl would feel that thing.


LMFAO!!!! OMG....about 2/3 as big as a fricken Q-TIP!!! he wrote
me "there is no real excuse for this" and holy shit I have to agree!!
I think it's gonna be a sad and lonely Valentine's day for him, I mean
I showed this to a few of my friends and they COMPLETELY agree, there
will be no pussy for this lil clitty boy haha. I mean you can tell that even
if it's hard (could that really happen?!), there is no way you'd be able
to feel it ~ it would be pointless. The best thing that he can do is to
tuck it, put on some panties and rub it, it's the only sex he will be
getting LOL!!! I don't even think you could grab it to jack it hahaha!!!!


OK, it's ugly for sure, kind of wrinkly and saggy...and small for sure!
Not sure what else to say about it, except PLEASE....

KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS SKYLAR, stop scaring everyone!!!

Even tho he says he produces a lot of jizz, he still has to use his finger
and thumb to get the party started, and in my book that's pretty small

frillythrills the first pic I thought it was three balls no kidding
LOL...I mean, it's like just an eerie head sticking out and no
pecker at all!!! I mean, does it get hard and then come out or
what?! friends Jessica and Remi could not stop
laughing literally...I sent them this pic and Jess was like...what
the hell IS that!? I had to actually tell her it was a pecker lol.
They want to know how I can actually stand to look at all these
pinky peckers that come my way haha!! Hey, it's a living :)))
PLUS I do get great joy in humiliating guys like this!!


yogi has paid the $19.99 fee to return to #1 :)

OH MY FREAKIN LORD...hahahaha!!!! It's like the groundhog peeking
out to see his shadow LOL!! When I showed these pics to my girlfriends
they rolled on the floor :))) that pic on the right, if I didn't know any
better I'd swear that was a chick haha! that lil bump isn't even worth
looking at, let alone touching. Just disgraceful don't you think? I don't
even have to tell him to tuck it in and put panties on, that's kind of
taken care of already. I swear if I took a guy home and he pulled down
his pants and I saw this I would probably punch him in the face LOL!!!

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